European Aviation Network in-plane WiFi will launch in June

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If you’re like me you’re joined at the hip to your laptop and there are few places you can’t work. That’s been the beauty of air travel as you’re totally disconnected from the Internet for the duration of your flight and can relax knowing that emails will remain unanswered and no one can disturb you until you land. Now, that last haven of peace is about to be ended in a world first for Europe with the launch of the European Aviation Network which will bring fast Internet to the sky.

The European Aviation Network combines high capacity satellite coverage with a complementary 4G LTE ground network to provide high-speed connectivity across all 28 European Union states. It’s been designed specifically for high-traffic flight paths and busy airport hubs, the network delivers over 50Gbps capacity. This means passengers can enjoy a reliable high bandwidth broadband service in the air that matches their expectations on the ground.

The world’s first integrated satellite and air to ground connectivity network will offer: High speed in-the-air as on-the-ground Wi-Fi; High capacity, low operating costs, pan-European coverage, Guaranteed minimum data rate to all aircraft; and will be easily scalable to expand with demand

The latest news on the project is that it’s due to be launched by the end of June, although the date of the first fully operational flights are yet to be confirmed.

In an aside, the European Aviation Network’s acronym is EAN, which is naturally going to cause confusion in the ecommerce world where an EAN is generally accepted to stand for a European Article Number, a unique identifier for a product!

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  1. Great, I won’t be caught with my pance (spl?) down when I put on my headphones, click on Spotify, and realise I don’t have my favourite artists downloaded. This can still be a time for headspace Chris 😉


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