Marketplaces 2018: Flubit

This post about Flubit is part of Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series, which is sponsored by Flubit. For the full list of marketplaces we’ve written about, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here.

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Marketplace Overview

Flubit (or rather the SKU Cloud group of outlets which owns it) is the fastest growing marketplace and ecommerce sales platform in the UK. They say they offer one million product lines in the UK at cheaper prices than Amazon. To find out everything you need to know, download the selling guide here.

As they say of themselves:

As an online retailer, there are two things you need to know:

– We are the UK’s largest independent online marketplace, working with over 1,500+ UK and Irish online retailers to access more than 60 million products (SKUs).
– Our unique business model allows retailers to sell on the marketplace (and our wider network of partner sites) with no set-up, listing or commission charges. Essentially there is no cost to be a retailer.

And when you plug into Flubit, you get more than one marketplace. It’s just one aspect of the SKU Cloud experience.

Seller registration and requirements

They host listings from retailers across most retail sectors and prefer retailers to have a deep inventory of new brand name products at great prices who can offer great customer service. Big categories include gaming, entertainment, consumer electronics, home and garden and beauty but they are constantly adding to the catalogue.

To start the process of registering on Flubit, they advise you get in touch. Send an email to or call them on 020 3745 4483 and one of their eommerce experts will walk you through the process.

Flubit’s fee structure is what marks it out from any other marketplace we’ve written about in this series over recent weeks. To put it plainly, there are no fees. No subs. No deposit. No listing fees. No commissions.

Product listings and fulfilment

The easiest way to get your inventory up on the marketplace is to use existing content that you have from your exploits on other selling avenues. You can use the API, CSV or a product feed from your multi-channel provider.

In terms of integrations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are stacks of options available to you if you want to import your inventory from other marketplaces or your own website. Partners include Magento, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, Brightpearl, Lengow, Woocommerce, Neteven, Linnworks, PlentyMarkets and Volo.

So how do they make money? You make your goods available and indicate the lowest price you’re willing to accept. But judging demand and competition, they may well be able to sell the products for more than your expected level. And so they keep the change when a buyer completes a purchase. You will be paid your earnings monthly by BACS.

Tamebay’s take on Flubit

Flubit could be huge but t’s still early days and it makes real sense to get involved now. If you have existing inventory elsewhere, that you can easily plug into Flubit and its other properties, there really isn’t any reason to ignore it. There are no fees. There is no risk. And it could easily become an avenue for more sales with remarkably little effort. Flubit may not yet have the profile we’d hope for but they are investing in advertising and more customers are coming to the site in 2018 than ever before.

If you want to know more, from last year, this video looks at their launch:

If you have you any experience selling on this marketplace, please do share your insights.

For more information about marketplaces check out the Tamebay Guide.

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Still doesn't accept PayPal. Feels like a barrier to switch from eBay for many consumers, whatever one's feeling towards PayPal. I couldn't find a single item of vinyl (records) that showed as being cheaper than Amazon in the six pages of search results I waded through. Next!

Steve • 9th February 2018 •

"Flubit could be huge but t’s still early days and it makes real sense to get involved now. " - The biggest lie ever. Flubit has been around since 2011ish. They only changed the business practise and the website recently so it doesn't make Flubit a baby. It is more of a dinosaur to be fair. No need to lie to people. Be more open and transparent. Lies will draw negative attention which is worse than no attention.

Steve • 9th February 2018 •

This post about Flubit is part of Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series, which is sponsored by Flubit.

Mark • 9th February 2018 •

" post about Flubit is part of Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series, which is sponsored by Flubit." Thanks for the heads-up on that. Unsubscribing from Tamebay now & un-following on Twitter.

Steve • 9th February 2018 •

Ooooo, zing! Are you competitor to flubit perhaps? Maybe just ignorant to the mechanics of commercially driven free to read news websites?

Smeggyplops • 9th February 2018 •

Me? I'm a member of the public I don't even sell anything any more but I'm damned if I'm going to read anything that says "Hey this is really good (brought to you by our sponsor)". Transparent journalism or nothing.

Steve • 9th February 2018 •

@Steve - I really do not think you can get more transparent than telling people the review they are doing is sponsored by the company they are reviewing. At least you are able to read it with an open mind. However, if you had been following the Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series which has ALL been sponsored by Flubit, you will have seen that every market place is getting reviewed, not just Flubit.

tyler • 9th February 2018 •

Earnings paid monthly is a really poor proposition when you can get funds immediately from eBay sales. Even the worst Amazon payment schedules see you paid within 18 days.

Anthony Taylor • 9th February 2018 •