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Ryan Sit PicClickPicClick is a site I can’t help loving as it’s a new exciting way to browse eBay. eBay have worked hard in recent years to persuade sellers to upload quality images and PicClick makes use of this with a visual search display of eBay listings and for some categories it’s a brilliant way to browse – my eyes can scan images much faster than titles!

PicClick always seems to load at blinding speed as well and for sellers there are also some interesting research insights available if you want to know how your competitors listings are performing. We spoke to Ryan Sit, CEO of PicClick to find out more:

What do PicClick do? is a website that allows you to search eBay faster. eBay has millions of one-off items with a limited time to buy. For example if you are looking for a “red antique rug” then eBay has thousands of great results, whereas Amazon might have only several good results. With eBay you have more of a search problem. On eBay the faster you can search, the better deals you are going to find. Similarly with eBay sellers the faster you can search, the better you can research pricing and validate selling opportunities.

Why is PicClick faster than eBay

Humans can search visually much faster. PicClick leverages this human physiological advantage by optimizing our entire website for visual browsing. makes it easier to see thousands of products by showing all the products in a thumbnail gallery. On top of that PicClick adds:

  • Full screen support so thumbnails fill the entire window
  • Zoom slider so you can resize all thumbnails bigger or smaller
  • Infinite scroll so you don’t need to stop and click to the next page
  • HD/Retina images, so all image details are immediately clear
  • Horizontal scroll product gallery, so you can see all the larger product images instantly

In addition to visual browsing features we also don’t have any banner ads to distract you, and our website loads super fast. In fact our webpages load up to 3x faster than itself. PicClick also supports all major international sites including,,, Plus PicClick includes all the filters and sorts that you are use to on eBay.

PicClick Visual Browsing

What else do you do besides visual browsing

Visual browsing is not the only great thing about PicClick, we also show proprietary data on products that eBay doesn’t have on their website. The 2 main unique data that PicClick shows is PicClick Insights and Similar Items.

PicClick Insights is a section shown for every product listing. For example:

PicClick Insights

Here we automatically analyze data to give you research information on each product. PicClick Insights summarizes product popularity, price, and seller giving a quick and easy way to learn this information. The most interesting data point is the number of views we should under popularity. This gives a quick indicator on how much traffic a product gets. You can click more to see details of popularity and price as it compares to other similar items. If you click more for seller it quickly shows the latest feedback a seller received.

Similar Items is actually the second most popular feature after visual browsing. Under every product page you can scroll down and see similar products all ranked by similarity. We show up to 50 closely similar products and then you can scroll for more items from the same category. This turns every product click into another search for more products like it, all you need to do is scroll down to similar items to start searching for products like what you clicked. This makes it much faster to find the item you are looking for, or if there is a cheaper similar item, or if it is sold out what else is available.

How can eBay sellers use PicClick

Thousands of the top eBay sellers use PicClick daily. The main feature sellers use is the completed filters, if you click the top left “All Listings” button you see a drop down with all eBay filters. There sellers can click the Completed, Completed Sold, or Completed Unsold filters. Using these filters sellers can quickly get a sense of pricing, competition, and sell through. Completed Unsold is a unique filter that only PicClick has which is useful to contact sellers that failed to sell their product.

Also right next to the filter button is the sort button. If you click the sort button that says “Best Match”, you can change the sort to Most Watched or Most Bids. With these sorts sellers and get an idea of popular products buyers are looking for and tracking. Most Watched is a unique sort that only PicClick has.

How does eBay work with PicClick

eBay loves PicClick! PicClick has been working with eBay since 2008. We work directly with eBay through the eBay Developer Program, and the eBay Partner Network. PicClick is one of eBay’s largest developers and partners. Plus PicClick is a certified eBay Compatible Application, licensed to work directly with the eBay Platform. If you like PicClick, please review PicClick in the eBay Solutions Directory. PicClick works directly with eBay and is honored to have served on the eBay Partner Network Advisory Board for 3 years. eBay Partner Network Board Members have the opportunity to preview tools prior to launch, gain insights into new initiatives and provide feedback that will help guide future enhancements.

PicClick also allows direct eBay login using the secure OAuth login provided by eBay. Once logged in PicClick securely shows a visual feed of your eBay watches, saved searches, and saved sellers. More logged in features are coming later.

What do I do if I’m interested
If you are interested in searching eBay faster, please visit us at PicClick is great for searching Collectibles, Antiques, and Clothes. PicClick also supports all eBay international sites including:

PicClick Team

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  1. Yep. A prime example of how to do eBay better than eBay. Shame on eBay. Retrosellers also displayed eBay items much better than eBay but nobody got on board & they folded.


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