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In today’s marketplace world, many new marketplaces are springing up both in the UK and overseas, giving retailers the opportunity to diversify their businesses and spread the risk. That’s where GameSeek come in, they’ve taken the time to look at what retailers want from a marketplace and without legacy systems and policies to hold them back have launched with ambitious plans to grow, both in the UK and internationally.

We spoke to Stephen Staley, CEO of GameSeek to find out more:

Who are GameSeek?

GameSeek is a new and exciting marketplace with extensive e-commerce experience. Originally trading in video games, they have since expanded rapidly into other sectors including Toys, Merchandise, Computing and Electronics. We have been successful in building a very loyal customer base of millions of customers that is highly engaged.

GameSeek has taken time to consider what retailers want when working with a new marketplace. We aim to be the ideal marketplace for sellers. This may explain why over 1,000 retailers have already signed up to the platform. Offering zero monthly fees and low commission rates is extremely helpful. A strong feature is our transparency on what it takes to win the buybox, not obfuscating the path to success with cryptic algorithms known only to a select few. We are also unique in our offering of including our own sales price in API feeds allowing sellers to challenge them automatically.

We pride ourselves in not being operated by a team of robots; our marketplace is run by human beings that will take your call anytime and help you out and offer advice. We are the only Marketplace where you can still get direct help from the management should you need it.

Why you should be interested in GameSeek

  • £0.00 Setup Fee
  • £0.00 Insertion Fees
  • £0.00 Monthly Fees
  • Full Transparency on Buy Box availability
  • Low Commission (as low as 6%)
  • Over 10,000 Publishers Globally promoting the GameSeek Marketplace daily
  • Over 1,000 Retailers have already signed up
  • Ease of integration via Mirakl Platform, Channel Advisor or Linnworks

What can a seller expect from selling on GameSeek Marketplace?

GameSeek has an extremely generous business model with no registration, monthly, listing or any other fees. GameSeek also work on a low commission model and thus we only make money when our sellers make money. This means that we are as keen in making sales for our sellers as the sellers themselves are. Being part of the Mirakl marketplace platform; integration is easy for sellers and there is the option to plug in via Channel Advisor and Linnworks as well.

Being online since 2002, GameSeek has seen the likes of Amazon and eBay grow from very small beginnings. Whereas GameSeek is not the size of Amazon or eBay: what we can offer you is diversity of your sales and another strong route-to-market that will give you the chance of spreading your risk. The GameSeek website is already pulling more traffic than Flubit, Fruugo, Mano Mano, OnBuy or Yumbles. We also have an exciting long term strategy to grow extensively with some industry-leading plans in the pipeline.

The GameSeek HQ is based in the UK. In March 2018 we are set to localise in a further 56 countries which includes every European country and selected major countries outside the EU including USA, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia and UAE. The plan is to geo-target each new country URL individually to receive a major traffic boost which will result in more opportunities for sellers to make even more sales.

What type of sellers are GameSeek looking for

Even with over 1000 selling partners already on board there are still plenty of opportunities for retailers selling products that are not heavily featured on the website. Sectors such as books, music, dvd/blu-ray, homewares amongst others. By listing items that are currently missing from sale on the site; these sellers will have a major advantage on unexploited business opportunities. All we ask is you share our philosophy of bringing the ‘personal touch’ of high-street shopping to the online arena.

What type of products will work well on GameSeek Marketplace today?

Some potential sellers, understandably, assume that GameSeek is only about selling video games. Our shoppers are actually very diverse and buy across a wide range of categories. We work very closely with Google and thus; as long as your product has a universally recognised GTIN/Barcode and is priced competitively; then you will have a good chance of selling it via GameSeek Marketplace. Historically, GameSeek have sold everything from consoles to doorbells.

The Future

Part of the InStock Group; GameSeek is just phase one of a very ambitious and different marketplace plan. We aim to have a total of 8 marketplaces live by the end of next year. The sites will be specialised in different sectors (such as books / toys / beauty / sports / homewares etc) with the aim of keeping seller engagement high within each website.

It’s an alternative way to build the future rather than having just be one website selling everything; something that could lead a website losing its identity. Ultimately; This will be a fantastic opportunity for sellers to get their products listed on multiple websites via just the one easy integration. Sign up with GameSeek now and your products will be listed on GameSeek today, and shortly also will be automatically filtered out throughout the company’s other marketplaces as and when they go live.

How do I sign up?

To sign up; enter your details at and we will promptly work with you and help you get live.

Still undecided? For more information about the GameSeek Marketplace see

9 Responses

  1. Key difference with Flubit and OnBuy Though! Gameseek is a RETAILER and sellers have to compete with them. Meaning they are learning what sells, LIKE AMAZON, and will compete with me LIKE AMAZON. I don’t like this retailer-model.

    I would bet most of their traffic was for their own products, and would love to see how much of this traffic was actually third party!

    It’s a no from me.

  2. The trick is for these Marketplaces is to get that “international coverage”now. We hardly sell a thing in the UK these days. This will become interesting next year.

    The UK is now totally dominated by Amazon .
    All the others are offering nothing different these days, and are all singing the same song.
    Don’t get me wrong we need something to compete with Amazon and eBay but trying getting that message out. It is the logistics and Amazon get that right.
    The Fees are decent compared to the rest, and I think private sellers are allowed on with NO fees.


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