eBay PAY20LESS 20% off promotion today until 6pm

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eBay are running a PAY20LESS promotion with 20% off everything from midday to 6pm today in three categories: Fashion, Home & Garden, Sports & Leisure. Purchases from other categories aren’t included in the promotion.

There is a minimum spend off £20 and a maximum discount of £75 (which means a £375 purchase). You are also limited to a single redemption so if you want multiple items add them to your shopping cart and use the discount code for a single multiple purchase transaction.

It’s also worth noting the discount is only applicable to the purchase price and doesn’t include shipping or any taxes due (normally only for international purchases). The discount is also only available to eBay.co.uk registered users, who must be UK residents.

eBay PAY20LESS Coupon Code

The coupon code is PAY20LESS which you’ll need to enter at checkout. On a mobile this means scrolling down the page so don’t think the discount is automatic – fail to enter the code and you’ll pay full price!

If you sell in one of the included categories, there would be nothing wrong with quickly emailing your customers letting them know that they can buy at a discount from you today, although you’ll need to be quick in order to give them time to purchase before the flash sale ends at 6pm this evening.

13 Responses

  1. Wish they would leave these promotions on for longer or send out the emails in advance. Just checked my personal ebay account and message was received at 12:50pm today and ends at 6pm today. Most people probably won’t even see the email in time or till after they get home and have chance to use it. I know when they sent the one out after Christmas I saw a big spike in sales as people were most likely home and able to take advantage of it. It’s almost like ebay don’t want to give their money away for the discount.

  2. Just seen the email & its now 8pm, explains the lack of sales this afternoon in our category that is not included in the promo

  3. getting rid of markdown manager and replacing with the latest piece of kit that doesn’t work properly and can only be updated every 14 days has overnight made ebay a more expensive place to shop. Our sales are on the floor and have been all month but since Thursday when they axed the old way of activating markdown manager have nose dived to the worst in 15 years . If ebay are suddenly announcing 20% off sales I guess they have noticed this too

  4. Has anybody else noticed that eBay have enforced Best Offer on products now? We are getting emails with absolutely stupid offers from the public. We are not an auction, we are a business. Cannot keep up with the race to the bottom nonsense.


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