ChannelAdvisor updates platform to add new business functionality

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ChannelAdvisor have announced their latest update with a raft of new platform capabilities to help customers have more control over key marketing, selling and fulfilling practices in their businesses.

“We want to equip sellers so they can quickly and proactively respond to market changes without losing out on opportunities, and ultimately, profits. This release delivers innovative technology for retailers and branded manufacturers to gain direct access into channels where their customers are shopping.”
– Mark Vandegrift, vice president of product management, ChannelAdvisor


Amazon Advertising Automated Bid Management Expansion

ChannelAdvisor expands its advanced Amazon marketing solution with automated bidding capabilities for manual and automatic targeting campaigns. Supporting new targeting types, ChannelAdvisor also enhances the performance inputs for bidding strategies to help Amazon advertisers reach more potential buyers. This allows advertisers to leverage Automated Bid Management based on a selection of pre-defined strategies. Advanced advertisers can design a custom bidding strategy based on a combination of performance data.


Profitability Reporting

ChannelAdvisor’s latest release expands profitability reporting to third-party sellers with business insights and product performance reports with key metrics from marketing, selling and fulfillment data across marketplaces. Sellers can view product and channel profitability based on fees to quickly differentiate high-performing products and channels from lower performing products and marketplaces. Access to this information enables companies to implement different strategies to help ensure they stay ahead of the market.

Performance Based Pricing Strategy and Inventory Automation

ChannelAdvisor enables sellers to exercise control over their pricing strategies by automating market-driven price changes in response to product demand across marketplaces and online stores. Sellers can establish rules to monitor and adjust their product pricing based on sales performance and product details – saving time, minimizing storage fees for underperforming products, and optimizing price for top-performing products.

Retail Content Management

Rather than manually managing product content across online destinations, ChannelAdvisor now offers branded manufacturers the ability to create, store and map product content to a retailer’s product template. This can eliminate customer confusion as well as product and brand erosion attributed to destination-specific content errors. This solution provides more control and flexibility to quickly and accurately add new products and optimize content.

First-Party Order Support

With ChannelAdvisor, first-party channels are optimized with support for purchase order management, shipment notifications and invoice management on wholesale and dropship orders. Branded manufacturers are utilizing ChannelAdvisor’s consolidated platform to access and manage across their online channels – increasing operational efficiency while reducing manual entry, different data repositories, oversells and inventory errors. ChannelAdvisor’s retail network continues to grow with support for over 30 leading retailers.


ChannelAdvisor continues to expand its connections into online marketplaces, enabling sellers to diversify their sales strategy to reach more buyers through Google Shopping Actions, Houzz, Walmart Canada and other marketplaces.


Shipping Management Suite

ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite provides sellers with a direct connection into their fulfillment partners, incorporating automation to reduce processing time, create custom picklists and packing slips, print shipping labels, and to choose the right shipping carriers without additional third-party software. This suite offers complete flexibility for sellers to take more control of their customer experience with little effort. This streamlines order processing performance, and ultimately, can expedite fulfillment while lowering overall costs and meeting customer demand.

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If you’d like to discover more about ChannelAdvisor’s updates and how they can accelerate your business, they have a webinar on the updates on the 3rd of May at 4pm or book your place for ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Europe which takes place in London on the


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