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We’ve had some questions over the exact timing and the changes coming to eBay shops. Those with custom pages or a custom HTML eBay shop design appear unsure when their shop will be upgraded and if it’s worth maintaining it when they’re unsure how long they’ll be able to retain a custom design or page. We asked eBay to confirm the eBay Shop migration time line details so here’s what you need to know…

What’s changing?

  1. Better eBay shops

    eBay are making eBay Shopfronts more secure, better optimised for search engines (SEO), and more mobile friendly, as well as improving merchandising options.

  2. The end of custom eBay shop design

    The ability to have a custom eBay shop design will end. Those who currently have a custom shop design will be able to keep it until some time in 2019. After May 2018 it will no longer be possible to launch a new custom eBay shop design.

  3. eBay shops to get new URLs

    eBay shops will also be migrated to a new URL structure.

When is it happening?

If you don’t have a custom eBay shop home page, you will be moved to a new template from May as announced in the Spring Seller Release.

What happens if you have a custom eBay shop design?

If you have invested in a custom shop design, you will not be migrated to the new template in May but will be moved to a new domain URL in June (ebaystores.co.uk/storename instead of the current stores.ebay.co.uk/storename). Sellers do not have to do anything as eBay are moving the pages and implement a redirect.

What happens if you have custom pages in your eBay shop?

While eBay are not moving fully customised stores in 2018, shop fronts with custom active pages could be moved later in the year as per eBay’s timeline published in the seller centre page

What if you aren’t moved now?

Sellers may choose to keep their custom shopfront – until some point in 2019 where the feature will be retired. At this point you’ll be forcibly updated to the new shop design.

Sellers can choose to remove any custom pages you may have and opt-in into the new template before and after the migration. But once migrated, you cannot go back and set a custom shop front.

11 Responses

  1. Looks like we have been migrated… but something is missing – there is no search box on the new store design so buyers cant search within our store.

  2. Hate the new layout. I really do.

    1. it just looks daft. what’s the point in cosmetic changes that make things look worse? it looks like a cheap knock-off version of the old shop.

    2. defaults to gallery view EVERY TIME, even when you tell it not to.

    3. they crappy mobile descriptions are appearing on list view, on desktop. i wouldnt mind but ebay pick the worst possible parts of the description, and specifying our own barely every works.

    4. subtitles we paid for are now less that worthless, since the subtitle doesn’t show AT ALL on gallery, and on list view, you get either a subtitle OR mobile description, and the mobile descriptions are 5 times longer, and free.
    (no doubt once we remove all the subtitles, ebay will declare it was a mistake and rectify)

    5. search bar moved, with no explanation, where nobody will expect to find it.

    6. the url has changed (not to the one you mentioned above – its actually http://www.ebay.co.uk/str/%5Bstorename%5D ) so at some point in future, all our listings with internal links will need to be re-done when ebay turn off the redirect for no reason.

    all in all i can see this having a noticable negative impact on sales.

  3. Oh great. My search bar is filled out with the words:

    ‘In diesem Shop suchen’

    And the drop-down says:

    ‘Dieser Shop’

    Great work once again eBay…….

  4. Custom eBay shop home page well we had one of those till last night, no active content. Last night we were migrated to this new thing.
    When we don’t get This page does not exist. Please continue to shop on eBay, and our bland new design does show it is in French.

    We new they were taking this away, but not till next year. Seem to have done in random also.
    Notice their preferred big brand partners have had nothing changed. Would not want to effect their branding would we.
    Another bit of a mess…we are paying (over the top) for shops that do not show, and they are taking away all our brand identity. Totally non transparent with this roll out, poor communication but what is new.

    eBay des ballons

  5. And its gone back to the old shop today…..

    No foreign languages
    Search bar back where it can be found
    No silly mobile descriptions
    Subtitles are back
    Keeps the list view when asked for.

    Basically, MUCH better! Just leave it alone eBay!


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