Event marketplace makes use of real world VR to great effect

Marketplaces come in all shapes and sizes and Youcanevent.com is one dedicated to finding all your live event needs, from event directors to venues to stand designs and more. But what really sets it apart is its use of virtual reality.

Youcanevent has become the first and only online marketplace where you can plan and visualize your next event in virtual reality, and simultaneously book all the vendors you need for your real-world experience.

According to the company,Youcanevent.com removes the two biggest pain points of event planning:finding the right vendors in time; and visualizing the event experience, and layout before it happens.

Youcanevent.com has already partnered with Microsoft, Wilson Sonsini, TriNet, Pipedrive, and Mary Kay to host events in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Tel Aviv, and Lisbon.

While not a marketplace for selling goods, Youcanevent has all the other attributes of a marketplace and its use of VR is inspiring – it goes to show just how new technology can really make a difference if applied judiciously.

The average event booked through the Youcanevent.com marketplace costs the organizer $4000, and nets the company $950 profit. Youcanevent.com has already been used to plan and execute nearly 100 successful events worldwide.

Across the US, the corporate events industry is worth $300 Billion and includes vendor categories venues, entertainers, caterers, photographers, printing services, furniture and many more. Youcanevent.com connects you with vendors across all relevant categories and allows you to stage, rearrange and experience your event virtually.

Youcanevent.com is currently the first and only Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Eventbrite HQ in San Francisco, developing an integration to serve all the Eventbrite event organizers with Youcanevent marketplace.

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