Who is Rico Back, the incoming Royal Mail CEO?

The Board of Royal Mail will appoint Rico Back as the next Chief Executive Officer of Royal Mail Group. On 1 June 2018 Rico Back, the CEO of the GLS Group will succeed Moya Greene, who has been at the helm of the company for the past eight years.

For almost 30 years, Rico Back’s professional career has been closely connected with parcel logistics. In 1989 he was appointed the first Managing Director of German Parcel. Following the opening of the European market in 1992, the Hamburg native established General Parcel, a European-wide parcel association providing parcel services throughout Europe.

In 1999 Rico led the sale of German Parcel to Royal Mail. Through acquisitions and the foundation of new companies a cross-European parcel service was formed. In 2002 a uniform brand, General Logistics Systems (GLS), was established. As CEO Royal Mail Parcels, Rico Back has been responsible for all international activities as well as the national parcel business for the past two years.

Rico and his family live near Zurich, Switzerland, where they have been resident for more than ten years and where his youngest child is in full-time education. Switzerland is Rico’s home and he will continue to be legally domiciled there. On his appointment as Group CEO, effective 1 June 2018, Rico’s normal place of work will be Royal Mail’s London headquarters. He will pay full UK tax on all of his Royal Mail earnings, including any bonus payments. Rico’s non-domicile status does not affect the UK taxation of his Royal Mail earnings.

“GLS has established itself as a strong pillar of the Royal Mail Group. With Rico Back’s appointment as CEO, Royal Mail is ideally positioned to continue operating successfully.”
– Peter Long, Chairman of the Royal Mail Group

Moya Greene will work with Rico Back until September 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.

“As early as 1999 I believed in the strength of Royal Mail. The structural and strategic orientation of Royal Mail has enabled GLS to grow successfully. To continue to expand this in a responsible position inspires me and is the driving force behind my actions.

I am very pleased to be appointed Group CEO and to lead a company which is so much a part of the fabric of the UK. I look forward to working closely with Sue, the wider Board and my Group colleagues. I would like to thank Moya for all her support and counsel over the years and wish her well in the future.””
– Rico Back

James Rietkerk, CFO of the GLS Group, will assume the additional role of acting CEO of the GLS Group.

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my name is Mr Ian Hickman and I think the royal mail is an utter disgrace to this country the former ceo received 1.5 Million in compensation when she finished with the royal mail and I have received a letter TODAY 24th April 2018 from the postal review panel telling me she has put a cheque in with her review for £25.00 but know cheque and that it is my dater that has been lost by the royal mail and I cant do anything about it **Edited by admin to remove name of Royal Mail employee

ian hickman • 24th April 2018 •

In other news, all full stops and commas have been stolen from Mr Hickman's keypad, along with the "check you make sense before you post" button.

Gav • 24th April 2018 •

such a button could single-handedly solve the internet.

james • 24th April 2018 •

So Parcelforce will now become GLS in large shake up planned in the later part of this year

Gaz • 11th May 2018 •