Amazon UK report says SME confidence is growing

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The first Amazon UK SME Growth Tracker of 2018 was published this week and reports that confidence amongst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is gradually increasing. The quarterly report by Capital Economics, commissioned by Amazon with those friends of Tamebay at Enterprise Nation, assesses growth prospects and takes views on the broader UK economy from SMEs based on a YouGov survey of over 1000 UK enterprises.

Overall SMEs reported a rise in revenue of 1.0% and a rise in employment of 0.3%, which they say indicates an increase in productivity of 0.7% over the past twelve months. Looking to the future, SMEs expect revenue and jobs growth to accelerate to 1.5% and 0.9% respectively over the coming twelve months, around the same as the expected increase in revenue and jobs expected last quarter.

With business indicators reflecting a rising confidence amongst SMEs, today’s results suggest that businesses are feeling the benefits of digital technology, helping them to connect to a wider customer base. As global economic uncertainty continues to pose a threat to stable business conditions, it is essential that SMEs adopt agile and innovative ways of working to stay competitive.
– Emma Jones MBE, founder of Enterprise Nation

The report shows that ecommerce adoption is similar across all UK regions, with surveyed SMEs in the North East and West Midlands reporting the highest levels of ecommerce uptake at 69%. In contrast, Scotland and the South East represent areas with the lowest levels of adoption at 61%. SMEs who use ecommerce forecast stronger growth in profit than all other UK SMEs, even when less optimistic about business conditions. Businesses that use ecommerce expect to see revenue increase of 1.6% over the next twelve months, compared to 1.3% of those businesses that do not.

So in news that will surprise absolutely no Tamebay readers, it makes sense to trade online and Amazon UK is a good start. You heard it here first.

4 Responses

  1. No one asked this SME whose major problem is making a living is Amazons ever changing metrics and seller central that never answers a question in a sensible way

  2. Exactly UK traders have been strangled by Chinese Vat fraud for far to long. Making it difficult to plan and reinvest for the future.

    Shame on Hmrc this is a big shambles. Even fined by the EU hasn’t made them move to fast.

    If any one thinks hmrc is going to be collecting on all those issued vat numbers they are having a laugh.

  3. Would take ANY report published with Amazon with a rather large pinch of salt. Times are tough for UK SMEs, we are being strangled from all angles.

    Constant Fees rises and stealth fees from tax dodging sites like Amazon and eBay, fixed search engines to suit corporate partners on eBay Amazon and Google.

    All of the above mentioned of course, Tax avoidance. China problem and many so called UK traders. Fake goods and all that also.

    Courier prices rises and of course the joys of Brexit on the way with the threat of losing access to all our EU access for pie in the sky trade deals with India and the US. UK Gov is not even interested in what UK SMEs concerns are here.

    Also Scotland has one of the lowest uptakes, according to YET another report on Tamebay we were the highest last month.

    To many reports are pushing their own agendas.

    Plus trading on Amazon is not the long term answer for your business, uses but not for long term prosperity.


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