eBay Guaranteed Delivery rolls out in Australia

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eBay Australia are fighting hard to retain their position as the number one marketplace in Australia. As well as announcing the roll out of eBay Plus offering free delivery and free returns on new items from Australian retailers, eBay Australia have recently rolled out Guaranteed Delivery.

eBay are not only facing stiff competition from newcomer
Amazon who launched late last year, but Catch are also expanding their operations. Catch have launched a marketplace, swapped assets with Lux Group, expanded into New Zealand and more recently launched Catch Outlets.

eBay would appear to be doing everything they can in order to keep customers engaged and buyer and their delivery options are especially important when competing with Amazon Prime.

eBay Australia Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery highlights in eBay search items that can be delivered in under 3 days. eBay say that shoppers are 45% more likely to purchase if they have confidence the item will arrive within 2-3 days, and over 50% of items bought on eBay Australia are already delivered within 4 days.

eBay Australia gives buyers the choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 Day Guaranteed Delivery search filters. If the item doesn’t arrive within the eBay Guaranteed Delivery timeframes, the buyer can request one of two options:

  • A refund on the shipping cost (paid for by the seller). Or, if shipping was free, the buyer can get a $10 coupon instead (paid for by eBay).
  • Free return label for a full refund of the item’s cost (paid for by the seller).

eBay Guaranteed Delivery early adoption protection

For any Australian eBay sellers that opt into Guaranteed Delivery by the 31st of May, eBay will offer additional protections.

For eBay Top Rated sellers

eBay will increase your Late Shipment Rate allowance of up to 10% if you opt in and make your listings ready for eBay Guaranteed Delivery before 31 May 2018:

  • eBay will protect your Late Shipment Rate for up to 6 full evaluation periods (20 March to 20 August evaluations)
  • From the 20 September evaluation, your standards will be assessed based on Top Rated Seller requirements

For all sellers

eBay will make it right and cover all costs that may incur as a result of late deliveries up to 30 June, including:

  • Including refunding postage costs
  • Return labels


To qualify for these launch phase Seller Protections, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Make sure at least 25% of your listings are eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery by 31 May 2018
  • For the eTRS protection:
    • You’ll need to be a Top rated seller for either the February or March evaluations
    • Keep your Late Shipment Rate under 10% or less.
    • Your transaction defect rates and cases closed without seller resolution will still need to meet our Top Rated Seller requirements.

If you are an eBay Australian seller and want to opt in than you can do so here. You’ll need to be an above Standard or eBay Top Rated seller, offer 30-day returns on your listings and offer ‘Immediate Pay’ on the listings you wish to make eligible.



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