Gameseek marketplace offline all bank holiday weekend

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The Gameseek marketplace has been offline for the whole of the May Bank Holiday weekend. Their eBay shop has also been shut for the past few days.

Currently the only information we have is the message on their website which reads “Our site is currently under maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused”. Naturally over the weekend we’ve been unable to contact them for comment.

Gameseek were a huge games retailer until in 2017 they launched a marketplace and, rather than segregate merchant offers choose to effectively become a merchant themselves. Innovatively, they were entirely open with their own selling prices and make them available to merchants to enable them to compete on an even par.

We’ve not heard from any marketplace sellers that have had communication with Gameseek over the weekend and there’s no indication how long the ‘maintenance’ period will last and when the marketplace will be back online. If you are registered to sell on Gameseek let us know if you’ve had any notification of how long the site will be offline.

We’ll update you when we have more news.

18 Responses

  1. We have stock on there, last I looked all were active. First heard of it….hope the above comment is wrong….

  2. They have not been fulfilling orders for over a month (check recent Trust Pilot reviews). Not only is the site ‘under maintenance’ but all email addresses are defunct – I just got this email bounce, “Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email”.
    I’ve contacted Paypal to try to get refunds for pre-order items that they’ve already taken the money for.

  3. Not sure what’s going on but defentily not gone bust… all my offer skus are active… they’re probably re-doing their site like they said…?

  4. If your redoing your site you do not shut down your email. If it was going to take more that a few hours you would let all of your market sellers know and inform customers it would be an extended outage.

    I’ve tried serveral email addresses and none of them work, phones are not answered and as someone else has said it looks like they were taking people money but not actually sending out anything for a while.

    All in all, this is not how you go about redoing a site and keeping your PAYING customers happy.

  5. Their social Media also has no updates since before everything went down.

    I am a marketplace seller, our portal is working fine but thats just run by mirakl.

    I actually used them for a couple of items in recent months myself. The god of war collectors edition and the Kingdom come collectors edition. Neither of these ever arrived and I had to create paypal claims for both.

    Doesnt look great!

  6. “It seems most retailers on planet earth are asleep. We are awake. With our marketplace and future websites, we will change the world. How much of a seismic shift it’s hard to tell but it will be us that starts it. We are developing ideas that has never been done before in online retail some of which will go live imminently; some further down the line. We have a 50 year plan. Our ideas are so good it will be impossible for larger companies to clone them unless they restart and set up smaller companies. We are going to disrupt every sector we enter with innovation.”
    – Stephen Staley, GameSeek CEO

  7. Have gone bust received a letter from there proposed liquidation company as I’m a creditor owed money

  8. I guess this means any hope of getting my money back is -0%?
    Or even my actual orders.

  9. I had an official creditors letter this morning about a possible liquidation on May 17.
    I have a game on preorder so PayPal have taken up the case. The company have 10 days to respond.

  10. Just initiate paypal claims for all your outstanding purchases – paypal will pay out even if gameseek cant.



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