Identify eBay listings with missing or incorrect GTINs with Optiseller

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There’s a handy new tool from Optiseller which will highlight your eBay listings which have missing or incorrect GTINs, should you wish to add them where applicable. The reason you should want to add GTIN is so that they’ll appear on eBay’s new Product-Based shopping experience pages and in turn be promoted off eBay on search engines.

eBay are starting to do interesting things with search engines and your listings will start to appear in innovative places such as alongside highly relevant YouTube videos, but Google won’t accept any product feeds with missing or incorrect GTINs.

Optiseller have an eBay Store Performance Dashboard which scans your marketplace listings to provide a weekly performance report and identify which areas most need improvement. This is done by measuring the quality and consistency of your listing data against established best practice key performance indicators and seller policies and now includes GTIN verification with GS1 UK.

The Optiseller dashboard automatically identifies and displays any listings that do not include a GTIN as well as listings that include an incorrect GTIN. You can then export the listing ID of the SKUs without GTINs or with incorrect GTINs to excel for further analysis and resolution. There is also a dedicated GS1 UK report explaining the reason why a GTIN used in a listing has been identified as being incorrect and will be shortly followed by a recommendation of which GTIN should be used where it is not present.

The Optiseller eBay Store Performance Dashboard cost £25 per month with a quick simple sign up and requires of course a link up to your eBay store.


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