Importing from China Masterclass webinar this Thursday

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Are you interested in how to import in bulk from China? If so then don’t forget to sign up for our webinar taking place on Thursday 24th May. It’s an Importing from China masterclass with experts from Zencargo to explain how to cut through the red tape and save money in the process. They’ll reveal how to get stock into the EU and UK with the minimum of fuss and paperwork.

As a teaser to get your interest, Richard Fattal, co-founder of Zencargo will set out how to have your goods prepared in the factory and shipped straight into Amazon FBA – you need never touch your incoming shipments but you’ll need to know what steps are needed to import so that Amazon are willing to accept them.

This webinar is intended for people who are already running an established business and ready to take the next step to scale your business even further. You’ll either already be turning over £1 million or more per year or you’ll also find it fascinating and insightful if you’re a little smaller but scaling your business and aiming to grow at a rapid pace. You’ll learn the secrets of how your larger competitors operate and how you can accelerate your growth strategy using the lessons they’ve learned the hard way.

Online merchants generally start sourcing goods from retailers or wholesalers before moving up the supply chain to distributors and manufactures. Each step up the supply chain cuts out cost and it’s when you get to the stage of commissioning the manufacture your own products that you’ll start to make maximum profit. That’s what this webinar is all about – helping you become more profitable and show you ways to work smarter.

If that’s whetted your appetite, sign up for the Importing from China Masterclass webinar which takes place on this coming Thursday on the 24th May at 2pm.



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