PayPal launch Small Business Month in the USA

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PayPal has announced its inaugural small business month event stateside and it’s taking place throughout the month of May. The month will see events and promotions for SMEs and a celebration of what small firms do for the economy.

They will be working with charities and not-for-profits, trade associations and other companies with the aim of empowering small businesses and helping them grow in an event that’s an extension of small business week.

As a part of PayPal small business month, they will be hosting and sponsoring several events in partnership with organisations that prioritise small business communities including the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Bunker Labs, Kiva, SharpHeels, and Walker’s Legacy. They will also be hosting and sponsoring events in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Omaha, Oakland, Portland, Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

The events will include workshops to educate small businesses on critical concerns including getting access to finance, leveraging digital tools that can enable growth and sharing strategies for competing and trading globally.

PayPal is proud to be a partner and platform for U.S. small businesses as they launch, scale and grow. For nearly 20 years, the PayPal platform has enabled small businesses to grow and become longstanding citizens, which in turn can create positive impact on communities. PayPal Small Business Month campaign is an effort to put small businesses at the forefront of the conversation, and to highlight the positive impact that they are having on their communities. We encourage you to join us in showing support and appreciation for small businesses in your community and around the world.
– Bill Ready, COO, PayPal

It’s always welcome that big firms in the ecommerce sphere take time to share their expertise and splash some money around to help SMEs. And it would be very welcome if we could see a similar initiative here in the UK.

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  1. were a small business we use paypals working capitol
    no problems, no late payments , no charge backs, no open cases , large turn over,
    paypal only,
    we presumed that as long as our status did not change a loan would be available,
    imagine our shock when we applied and were refused, no explanation , no indication of why or what for,
    then 4 days later we applied again and were offered thousands,
    the lack of consistency and reliability will restrict how we operate our stock purchase in future
    we wonder how this is supporting small business,


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