eBay lay offs make 100s of employees redundant

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eBay have cut it’s workforce by a “low single digit percentage”, which may not sound a lot but even a low single digit percentage is a lot when you have over 14,000 employees around the world.

“We are sharpening our focus on priority initiatives and aligning the workforce to match them”
– eBay spokesperson speaking to Bloomberg

eBay don’t tend to release numbers and out of respect for the staff it’s not fair to speculate.

Our thoughts are with those who are affected.

9 Responses

  1. Is it me or a missing word or two??

    “eBay don’t tend to release numbers, and out of respect for the staff, it’s not fair to speculate, but it’s also been reported that 330 employees at the Netanya development center in Isreal XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as part of the worldwide restructuring.”

  2. I’ve noticed that the assorted fees/charges regularly go up by more than the published annual growth figures … to my humble brain that means ebay isn’t growing in a meaningful way – you can’t continually fleece the sellers and rely on efficiency savings.

  3. People have had enough of Ebay charging extortionate final fees. Meanwhile, Facebook Marketplace allows people to sell locally, free of charge. Ebay is going to struggle to compete with that model.

  4. Wait until they add the 4% penalty charges (effectively a 40% increase in fees) for anyone with a small number of SNAD’s, even when they’re above standard… Not only is it going to hurt and drive away sellers, but eBay fail to realise many sellers are buyers on their platform. I can see more lay-offs in the future, as they’re pushing sellers too hard on a very glitchy platform for the sake of the shareholder.

  5. It’s worse than that even. When they fail to sell something they contact you as you relist it suggesting either you drop the price every 5 days until it reaches a third of what you wanted originally or they will charge between 6.8 and 20.6 percent in my experience to sponnser it to give a better chance of selling .. that’s paying up to 30.6 percent for doing what they should have done for 10 percent

  6. They unfortunately dont seem to understand that sellers do not have a bottomless pit of cash. Any price increases are ultimately passed on to the buyers. Ebay prices go up results in ebay buyers making their purchases elsewhere.
    4% penalty charges – crazy!
    The new “you must add tracking” to over £20 orders is another example.
    RM click and drop delivery confirmation is great – but you cant force delivery men/women to scan every parcel to confirm delivered on time. In fact, one local postie told us that the quality of the 3d barcodes prevents a lot of them being scanned.
    Ebay’s answer is to use Tracked instead of Delivery Confirmation – so guess what – another cost increase that is going to be passed on to the buyers.
    Ebay could well be pricing themselves out of the market.

    With regards to staffing, there is no point having bums on seats if those personal cannot answer questions.

    I am continually flabergasted how long an issue takes to be resolved. An easy 1 min question this week has taken 3 phone calls lasting over an hour in total and an email chain that is still unanswered.

    There needs to be some “back to the floor” focus – as the top dogs seem to have lost touch with sellers basic needs.

    Oh and I am still waiting for one of my cases to be answered that is over 6 years old! Still an ongoing issue.



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