eBay Local Services Ads for local UK businesses

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No one likes seeing paid ads for competing products on their eBay listing pages so eBay Local Service Ads make a lot of sense. You’ll start to see eBay Local Service Ads for hyper-local businesses appear that complement your product and could be the convincer that a buyer needs to make a purchase.

Examples could be that if your browsing bath tubs that you see an advert for a local plumber in your town or village. If you’re looking at chandeliers you could see advert for local electricians who could fit it for you. It’s part of eBay’s quest to make revenue with ads, whilst improving the experience for both buyers and sellers.

eBay Local Service Ads are for 3rd party services, not retail. It will likely grow slowly but the aim is to improve relevancy and so improve buyer and seller experience. Any additional ad money is useful for the eBay because it gets revenue from external businesses that helps to pay for investment in the marketplace – none of us like fee increases for sellers!

eBay Local Services Ads in brief

What is it?

Self-serve advertising platform for UK local services businesses to place display ads on eBay.co.uk next to relevant search results or products (eg. Wedding photographer next to wedding dresses)

What’s great about it?

  1. Advertisers can choose the placement, targeting, and budget they want and place ads on eBay’s website all by themselves!
  2. Advertisers can target customers who are already in a buying mood and searching for products related to their service.

How can advertisers access eBay Local Services Ads?

Go to ebaylocalservices.com

What’s the benefit for eBay sellers?

eBay say that they have discovered that these types of ads increase conversion rates. Put simply, users buy more often if they’re confident they can use the purchase properly (it’s called Item Activation and can be as simple as making sure that phone buyers know they can get a SIM). Although some users will, even if they don’t use the 3rd party service just seeing the advert increases confidence in the product and the likelihood of a sale goes up.

One of the targeting types that will become available shortly is the ability to reach business sellers, so Tamebay readers should slowly start to see more ads relevant to their online trading business when they’re on eBay.

With a nod to the recent GDPR changes, as with all ads on eBay buyers and sellers can click on the adchoice box that’s on every display ad and stop themselves from being targeted. However if you click to turn off personalisation then you’ll probably see totally irrelevant ads that will annoy you more than those personalised to you.

Top tips for using eBay Local Service Ads

eBay Local Service Ads work best when you’re very specific in your targeting, both for keywords and geolocation. Target specific types of products such as for an electrician, target chandeliers rather than general electrical products. Don’t blow your budget getting clicks by advertising general electrical installations across the board but create very specific ads for installing very specific products. The more highly targeted your eBay Local Services Ads are the more effective they will be when seen.

Tamebay Discount Code for eBay Local Services Ads

If any Tamebay readers have a service business, or just know a friendly plumber, window cleaner, dog walker etc. then here’s a voucher code (valid to the 11th of June, one per customer)

“£10 off your order of £20+ using promo code 10OFF (one per user). It is only valid until June 11th, 2018” but basically half price so sign up quick to use it.


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