Poq Visual Search added to ecommerce apps in Polaris release

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Poq is a SaaS platform for mobile app commerce with the aim for their ecommerce apps to increase engagement, conversion rate & revenue. In their latest Polaris release, Poq Visual Search has been introduced in partnership with Fashwell, a provider of Visual Search technology.

Poq state that research has show that Visual Search enabled retailers experience a 35% increase in month over month usage, thus making it the highest return user channel. It was a priority to create a quick and seamless visual search shopping experience for the app user.

Visual Search enables app users to use their mobile camera to snap pictures or upload saved images to their favourite retail app and immediately receive suggestions of similar shoppable products from available collections. Fashwell pulls the feed from each Visual Search enabled Poq client every 24 hours. The product images are processed and analysed using deep learning algorithms to understand the style of the products.

Visual Search enables shoppers to snap a picture or upload an already existing image (e.g. from Instagram) and quickly receive similar matches to their desired item—all on the app. Based on the user submitted image, Visual Search will recommend visually similar and in category items for the user to browse and purchase.

Visual search is perhaps too complex for the average small to medium sized retailer to implement with limited resources, but with Poq’s ecommerce app solutions the technology becomes available for even the smallest of retailers.

You will of course want to understand how to best present your product images to fully benefit from image search. To find out more read our recent blog post How to do SEO optimisation for image search or for a more indepth overview of search in 2018 read the Tamebay Position Paper on Search.

One Response

  1. well this seems like a wonderfully useful feature to invest in.
    apparently people are unable to look at that picture and articulate the words “black handbag” by themselves.

    previously they’d be in new look, drooling, and shoving badly-cut-out magazine clippings at sales attendants. “Oooook! Thissssss! Wants this thing!”

    so these people can use visual search to see a list of black handbags, each of which look very little like the original article, other than being black handbags.



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