Amazon Dash Replenishment takes away consumer choice

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Amazon have announced new devices now available for customers to purchase that utilise Dash Replenishment. Devices from Bosch, KYOCERA, and Siemens have integrated Dash Replenishment into their connected devices to automatically reorder consumables when supplies run low.

Several brands that will have connected devices launching soon with Dash Replenishment including new device categories like TV remotes and coffee machines. New brands include Beko, Candy, Haier, Hoover, illy, Sharp and Toshiba.

Dash Replenishment enables connected devices to measure supply consumption through a variety of sensors, including voltage, pressure, volume, capacity, and other sensor arrays. The measurement then signals an automatic reorder of supplies before customers run out. For example, a Dash Replenishment-enabled washing machine can automatically reorder detergent, or a smart printer can automatically reorder ink when it senses it’s about to run out.

“With Dash Replenishment we’re working to make the process of shopping for everyday consumables completely disappear, because we’ve all felt the frustration of running out of something we frequently use. Dash Replenishment allows manufacturers to add even more convenience to connected products, enabling a device to automatically reorder so a customer never has to worry about running out of what they need.”
– Eric Saarnio, Head of Amazon Devices EU

Say goodbye to choice

The problem with dash buttons is that they remove all choice from the consumer. Of course when you buy your new dishwasher you can select your preferred brand of dishwasher tablets but that’s it. From then on your dishwasher will blindly reorder the same brand regardless of whether there’s a special offer on a different pack size or if a competitor who’s tablets you’d be equally happy to use has a special offer on. The pack size and brand will be set and that’s what you’ll get – flawlessly and seamlessly as is Amazon’s way of course, but you’ll never know if you’re getting a good deal or if there are savings to be made.

You’ll also miss out on any coupons that could be collected on Amazon, for instance if there’s a coupon for £2 off Finish dishwasher tablets you have to be on the Amazon site in order to click on it to collect it. You can’t do that with a Dash button and certainly not with Dash Replenishment that orders on your behalf.

Amazon Finish Coupon can't be used with Dash Replenishment

You may be happy to have dishwasher tablets automatically reordered, but batteries for your TV remote control? Most households will already have a pack of spare batteries laying about and certainly won’t swap them until they’re totally dead, not just dying.

Ultimately Dash Replenishment is great for Amazon as you’ll automatically be ordering from them on a regular basis, it’s also good for the brand you initially opt for. What the consumer has to decide is if it’s good for them and if the trade off of convenience is a price worth paying for never having a choice again.

Dash integrated devices available or coming soon

Bosch and Siemens dishwashers

New Dash Replenishment-integrated products are now available for customers to purchase. New Dash Replenishment-enabled dishwashers are available from leading brands Bosch and Siemens, which will automatically reorder dishwasher detergent. Device models include Bosch Series 6 and Series 8 dishwashers as well as Siemens iQ500 and iQ700 dishwashers.

KYOCERA printers

KYOCERA printers are now available with Dash Replenishment and will automatically reorder ink and toner when running low. For a look at the different printer models that are offering the technology, visit the website.

Toshiba remote controls

Toshiba TV remote controls will be the first brand in the UK to offer automatic re-ordering of batteries.

Candy, Haier, Hoover and Sharp washing machines

Candy, Haier, Hoover and Sharp are developing washing machines to help automatically re-order laundry detergent and fabric softener.

illy coffee machines

illy is developing espresso and coffee machines to easily reorder capsules.

Beko, Candy and Hoover dishwashers

Beko, Candy and Hoover are developing dishwashers to automatically re-order dishwasher tablets and rinse aid.

3 Responses

  1. There’d be no incentive to offer a competitive price, and something in the small print allowing them to increase the price whenever they wanted to. Plus, I bet they’d make it absolutely Byzantine if you wanted to change or cancel the arrangement – knowing Amazon, they’d get the customer to talk to the same support team they currently inflict on marketplace sellers.

  2. that was the whole point in offering a dash button.
    Amazon bill it as “encouraging brand loyalty”, but reducing choice isn’t an unforseen outcome, it’s the whole point in having it.
    There’s no reason a dash button couldn’t be programmed to order any asin you want when you push it, but that’s not what amazon and the brands want from it.
    they’ve been carefully selected to move you to larger pack sizes, lock in your choices, and maximise profit. not for the consumer’s benefit.



Amazon Dash replenishment options continue to expand

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