Brexit, currencies, international regulation. Harnessing volatility: what next?

We’ve had a very positive response to our ebook: Harnessing volatility: maximising profitability on international ecommerce sales.

If you haven’t already downloaded it for free, it’s available here as an electronic download you can easy load onto a Kindle or tablet or the like and enjoy it as you (hopefully) enjoy a little holiday time this summer. It’s been published with support from Currencies Direct.

Three things have become obvious since we published this ebook earlier in the year

    1) Things have become more volatile. When Harnessing Volatility was first published, Brexit seemed a long way off and there was a great deal of uncertainty. This didn’t, at the time of writing, seem like a pressing issue, or indeed a big problem at all, because there was time to hammer out a likeable deal approved of by all parties involved in negotiations. That has changed.

    2) As the deadlines loom closer, considering Brexit becomes more difficult and needs greater analysis. Some of the details are becoming clearer, agreement on others is still elusive and some peripheral issues from the 2016 referendum campaign have become huge concerns: customs unions arrangements and the Northern Irish border. There are lots of key issues that deserve attention.

    3) There are lots more issues to take into account when it comes to overseas trade than just Brexit and these too have developed in recent months. Various new tax regimes are emerging, specifically Australian GST, aimed at local protection for local markets. How is this going to further develop?

One of the vital things about a white paper is that it isn’t the viewpoint of a Tamebay editor or partner that determines what it is says: they’re always based on a survey and interviews with readers and others who get involved. That’s why they represent a variety of viewpoints and its interesting to let opposing merchant voices challenge each other.

And current affairs, specifically Brexit, and the horizons facing marketplace merchants trading internationally and building a cross-border enterprise, make it ever more relevant to consider the ever-changing environment. That’s why Harnessing Volatility will be the first of a series and we look forward to revealing the second ebook, in association with Currencies Direct very soon.

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