eBay UK August Flash Sale today
15% off everything onsite

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There will be an eBay UK August Flash Sale on UK marketplace today, with 15% off everything from 10am to 8pm.

The sale is for one day only offering shoppers the chance to get 15% off everything on eBay UK, although there will be a few exceptions such as vehicles and property.

There’s a minimum spend of £20 and a maximum discount of £50 in the eBay UK August Flash Sale, meaning you can spend up to £333.34 in a single transaction for the biggest saving. This time the code is only valid for one use per eBay account between 10am and 8pm and you have to pay with PayPal. The saving is on the item price and doesn’t include related postage and packing costs or any taxes which are not included in the item price

This is the second Flash Sale in August, just two weeks ago eBay held a 10% sale. This time around the discount is increased to 15%.

If you are a buyer all you need to do is make a purchase and enter the coupon code PIGGYBANK at checkout. Make sure you enter the discount code before you complete payment – on both desktop and mobile version of eBay you’ll probably need to scroll down the checkout page and if you don’t enter the discount code then you won’t get your 15% saving.

Merchants should see an uptick in sales and may well be worth promoting your items more heavily than usual. This could include social media as well as considering increasing your bid rates for eBay Promoted Items for the duration of today’s eBay Flash Sale.

eBay UK August Flash Sale PIGGYBANK details

  • Starts: Friday 17th August 10:00am
  • Ends: Friday 17th August 8.00pm
  • 15% off everything onsite
  • Minimum spend £20, maximum discount £50
  • Enter coupon code: PIGGYBANK
  • Available for one use

Full terms and conditions for the PIGGYBANK Flash Sale are on the eBay site.

29 Responses

  1. Good, though once again, it seems they’re not making a big noise about it.

    As per the last ebay flash sale, I would suggest doing some kind of sale of your own to coincide with this. Percentage discounts for multibuys of lightweight items is a good one, as from a certain point of view, you are just passing on the savings from so-called “free P&P”, which most sellers would be OK with doing if asked.

  2. Better they concentrated efforts on sorting out the businesses underlying issues, constant flash sales only usually mean one thing and i’d Be surprised if investors aren’t reading something into this strategy; as mentioned here by a poster yesterday someone that actually understands ebay needs to get to grips with it, it never was amazon, it was always something different, it needs someone that understands that difference to sort it out, not just some mainstream high flyer who may previously have done a great job selling pork pies on the high street or whatever, ebay is a very particular animal, and either they kill that and become Amazon third cousin or appreciate it and get someone in to nurture it, but they need to decide.

  3. I’ve just added a banner on my website directing buyers to my eBay store and banged out some emails/tweets. I usually try and drive them the other way, but a sale is a sale…!

    I shouldn’t complain (Just saved £100 myself!) but I do wish that they’d give us a heads-up beforehand so that we can prepare…. Just a quick email at 9am would have helped!

  4. Why don’t ebay shout this from the rooftops? I have 3 accounts on eBay, 1 business & 2 personal , and I have not received any notification in any form from eBay on any of these accounts. I must therefore assume that most of my potential customers have no idea about it either, so it all seems rather pointless.

  5. Reading e-commerce bytes seen they were running one in the States and had a funny feeling one would turn up here on a Friday……so we did a bit of a sale of our own to start today, and we had a bit of a uplift, all low margin however.

    I was actually hanging of for a new tumble dryer for the tenants but you can’t book your delivery slot via eBay so went direct yesterday with AO.

    These discounts are all very well, and I know ebay struggles with Amazon these days, but if it becomes the new NORM, like every week people will hang off from making purchases.

  6. We are professional sellers on eBay and Amazon with more than £1m annual sales on eBay. We have put a lot of effort into our eBay listings in the past year and got very little out of it in growth, but we have hardly put any effort into Amazon and we are growing at a rate of 30% this year.

    I believe there are two issues, eBay is pushing sellers to deliver things faster and this costs sellers more and is pushing the price of eBay products up. Secondly, they are constantly messing around with algorithms which work against top sellers, the opposite is true on Amazon.

  7. No notification for me, but when I logged into my account, there is a banner, but its not on the top part of the landing page, I have to scroll down to find it.

    I cannot speak for all, but when I am looking to buy something, I start searching using the search box at the very top of the page, I don’t scroll all the way down the page through all the ‘daily deals’, ‘Recommendations’ and all that garbage, I never look at any of that.

    If my experience is the same as most, then I can see why it hasn’t got a lot of traction. There is a reason shops put big sale signs in the windows, perhaps E-Bay could organise getting the banner at the very top of the landing page, then perhaps customers will find it.

    Suffice to say, my sales are not showing any signs of being boosted by this sale today.

  8. An idiot called Wenig would think it would, Oh no, fotrget that, I just remembered it’s not about ecommerce donahoe and then his sycophant took the reins. Ecommerce is just the vehicle used for this subscription money scam and their get rich quick racket.

  9. i see the ebay premuim badge section has gone crazy again saying all listings dont qualify when they do

  10. apparently 2nd class doesnt now qualify for the ebay premium badge,no announcement or nothing and loads of people are losing there discount without realising,thats totally unfair with no announcement so you need to change everything to same day dispatch instead of one day now

  11. @ Jodie, with respect plenty of warning was given regarding the change to 2nd class.

  12. @alan yes i appreciatethat but all our listings were fine last month when they changed it,and they never said you could only have 2nd class if you selected same day dispatch as well?all ours are one day dispatch which apparently was still ok but now thats no good apparently

  13. @ alan ,no problem,yeah there definitely is,it originally was change your 2nd class to 2nd class/letter/large letter etc on the chart they provided,then you offer delivery services that support tracking on items that cost more than £20, a free delivery option that delivers within 3 days, an express delivery option that delivers within 2 days and costs no more than £10 and, for most categories, a 30-day returns policy. but it states you can still have one or same day dispatch time,but now it only works if you select same day dispatch,im just annoyed we werent notified about this part or theyve changed the goalposts without telling anyone.
    we provided free 2nd class letter/large letter in 2- 3 workking days and one day dispatch,60 day returns and tracked express postage under a tenner on all our listings and these were all fine yesterday and last month when they changed it as we had the discount on our invoice,but as of today none of them now qualify

  14. one concierge adviser has told me its a glitch and one has said 2nd class no longer counts unless you have same day dispatch?so no idea whats going on

  15. sorry that was meant to read ” I dont think they count at all” in post above.

    ebay seem to have lost faith (and you cannot blame them) in the reliability of Royal Mail 2d barcodes. I think that is what is causing the problem.


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