Magento 1 support won’t end in November 2018

A few days back we published an article headlined ‘Support for Magento 1 will end in November’. In that piece we reported that support provided by Magento for their well respected and effective ecommerce platform was rumoured to end and would be withdrawn entirely in November this year. The original article, which we’ve updated , can be found here.

We’re sorry that our report has likely caused confusion and doubt amongst readers. That wasn’t our intention. That article came from solid sources but a PR agency acting for them has subsequently been in touch and told Tamebay that our report was inaccurate. We have cheerfully added an amendment (above) to that article and apologise to readers who might have been alarmed by the news.

They sent us this statement:

We’ve always supported Magento 1 and will continue to do so. We’ll also be clarifying our support commitments very soon. We know our customers rely on Magento, and they can rest assured we have their back at every turn.
– Magento

That’s a solid commitment that was sent to us on Thursday. But what does it mean practically? In the immediate future it would seem that support, unequivocally, they won’t be ending support in November and we will keep you posted with developments.

The case for updating to Magento 2 still stands: it’s a superior service which offers more greater functionality and customisable options for merchants. But there would appear to be no real need for urgency in doing that at this time.

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LOL, Many people have migrated now, Please research before publishing blunder.

Alex Morco • 31st August 2018 •