Royal Mail Pro Shipping Tool for larger businesses

Royal Mail has launched a new shipping tool and API designed to help larger retailers fulfil complex shipping needs. The tool will be know as Royal Mail Pro Shipping. The tool provides a range of capabilities making it simpler to manage orders and returns across distributed sites to complement the suite of in-house shipping tools already available to customers.

Royal Mail Pro Shipping benefits

  • Easy management of large lists of customers
  • Ability to print outward and return labels simultaneously
  • Multiple user access from different locations
  • utomatic printing of customs documentation.

Alongside the shipping tool, Royal Mail API Shipping makes it easier for firms to integrate their systems with Royal Mail to enjoy a better experience. Any customers using the API will also have access to the Royal Mail Pro Shipping tool.

Both tools have been developed by Intersoft, a software development company acquired by Royal Mail in 2016.

Alongside Click & Drop, Royal Mail’s shipping platform for small to medium businesses, Royal Mail say that the new tool is future-proofed and can be quickly updated in response to the changing needs of customers.

“With the launch of Royal Mail Pro Shipping and Royal Mail API Shipping, we now offer a full range of shipping solutions to our customers, dependent on their size and ways of working. The launch of both solutions follows a year of development work based on the needs of our customers. Our teams are working hard with customers to help them migrate over to our latest solutions this year.”
– A spokesperson from Royal Mail Parcels

If you consider switching from Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online to Royal Mail Pro Shipping, they have a guide showing features and benefits of Pro Shipping and how they differ from DMO.

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Another RM portal, they seem to create them for fun rather than fixing the bugs in the current ones being used. The idea was that people moved from Despatch Manager Online to Click & Drop, we already have another portal OBA that Click & Drop is the front end for.

tyler • 23rd August 2018 •

We moved directly from DMO to ProShipping, both of which we only use on an ad-hoc basis and to print return labels. We used an API which linked to DMO and now links to PS, whilst we had some issues with them switching the API off on the wrong date for the old system we haven't encountered any issues at all using PS and would say so far it's easier use and to import and export data.

Paul • 23rd August 2018 •

RM should provide a standardise shipping API for any seller regardless of the size. • 24th August 2018 •