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Tamebay are today launching the Tamebay £1m Seller Club and we would like to invite sellers who turnover revenues in excess of £1m a year to join today.

A couple of decades ago when eBay was a fledgling marketplace and Amazon little more than an online bookstore, no one thought that merchants on these marketplaces would be turning over millions of pounds a year in revenues. Indeed, Amazon didn’t even have a marketplace and eBay was a consumer seller focused site.

Today things are very different, there are still lifestyle businesses literally working from the kitchen table, others will have significant volumes but still be one man bands. And still others will have grown their businesses to turn over multiple millions of pounds each year.

We recognise that different sized merchants have very different needs, for instance a promotion by an economy carrier might be very attractive to a small business, who are agile enough to take advantage, but for a seller shipping 1,000 parcels a day it’s likely that you have automated software in place and may not have the ability to chop and change your carriers at the drop of a hat. And, talking of software, larger enterprises also have very different software needs compared to smaller sellers. Tamebay produces content aimed at very different types of merchants, both large and small, so if you’re a million pound seller we want to make sure the topics important to you are covered.

With that in mind we are starting a Tamebay £1m Seller club for those who are turning over more than £1m per year. Our aim is to provide more relevant content suited to the size and scale of your business, send you more relevant communications, give you the chance to influence website news appropriate to your scale, for you to receive invites to exclusive events for larger merchants and give you early access to some of our best content.

If your business turns over more than £1m a year on marketplaces, we’d like to invite you to sign up today to the Tamebay £1m Seller Club. If your business has close to £1m turnover and you are aspiring to grow rapidly and scale your business then please do feel free to express an interest in joining the club – the aim is to provide content for businesses at scale and we want to assist you to grow.

The Tamebay £1m Seller Club is totally free to join, simply register your interest to start receiving content and event invites tailored to your needs.

One Response

  1. I’m also starting a millionare’s club.
    please send me your home address and times you’re usually out the house.
    along with all your contact details so i can sell them to spammers (high-class millionaire spammers mind, probably offering you a timeshare yacht or such like).



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