The Blockchain Open Platform has launched

No primary category set, the largest retailer in China, has launched a new blockchain technology platform to help enterprise customers build, host and use their own blockchain applications for more secure, transparent and convenient operations management.

The new offering is called JD Blockchain Open Platform and is said to be built on multiple underlying technologies. It enables customers to create and adjust smart contracts on public and private enterprise clouds with ease. The technology can help companies streamline operational procedures such as tracking and tracing the movement of goods and charity donations, authenticity certification, property assessment, transaction settlements, digital copyrights and enhance productivity.

JD Blockchain Open Platform is a culmination of the expertise and experience in blockchain technology that we initially developed for our own operations, to provide more visibility to consumers. As we continue to open our technology and infrastructure up to other companies, we are pleased to have CIPC as our first blockchain platform customer.
– Jian Pei, head of big data and smart supply chain,

The new platform is the latest expansion of what calls its Retail as a Service (RaaS) strategy. The idea behind that is that they are opening up their advanced technology and infrastructure to other companies and industries. JD Blockchain Open Platform is designed with “one-click deployment” so it is accessible to enterprises even if they don’t have the capabilities to develop their own blockchain solutions. The first company to use the JD Blockchain Open Platform is China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC), which used it to deploy a traceable system for e-invoices, or “fapiao,” the official receipts required in China for business.

This is the latest blockchain foray for Last year, the company introduced its blockchain tracing platform that enables customers to track and trace the source and development process of the products and food they purchase. To date, the company has implemented blockchain tracing for more than 400 brands and 11,000 SKUs on

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  1. It says on motley fool that the ceo of has spent 168 billion $ on a new venture?
    What is the investment ?.


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