Why Linnworks users must attend LinnAcademy 2018

LinnAcademy 2018 is fast approaching on the 12th of September 2018, so today we speak to Chris Gates of Linnworks to find out what’s in store for Linnworks users attending the event. If you’ve not yet booked your ticket, we’ve got a 40% off coupon code specifically for Tamebay readers as a thank you to the community.

Chris works in the Technical Communications side of Linnworks and so works on technical documentation, video guides and feature announcements. You’ll be able to meet Chris in person at the Tech Stage at LinnAcademy.

LinnAcademy is an event that gives customers the opportunity to meet Linnworks face to face, get help with anything to do with their Linnworks account and learn how to get the most out of the system. Every online seller will get something out of LinnAcademy with eBay, Amazon and many other marketplaces attending. Specifically for Linnworks users (or those considering using Linnworks) there will be talks by Linnworks Founder Fedor and CEO Callum setting out the roadmap for the year ahead and free one to one sessions with Linnworks experts for specific account help and advice.

While the Linnworks specific talks take place on the Tech Stage, there will be a raft of industry speakers on the main stage and Linnworks have banned all sales pitches at LinnAcademy. With speakers ranging from Deborah Meaden, of Dragons Den fame to branding, international selling and Amazon FBA experts as well as successful retailers sharing their experiences, if you want to grow your business this is a must attend event.

Tamebay Discount

As a thank you to the Tamebay Community, we’ve snagged a 40% off discount code to get tickets to LinnAcademy 2018. The discount code, exclusively for Tamebay readers, is TAMEBAY40 and you can book your ticket at linnacademy.com

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No thanks. Haven't got time as sorting out some serious problems with Linnworks software which they are currently trying to sort out. And 100 quid to hear the words 'roadmap' and 'reach out to us/you/your customers' a thousand times and loads of instantly forgettable pie charts and graphs that look like a cross section of the alps...or the inside of a shark's mouth.....zzzzzzz......and if an amazon person is there I'm likely to biff him on the nose!

Steve • 20th August 2018 •

Linnworks haven't bothered updating their desktop software in a while now and their web software is underwhelming and in my opinion too clunky and slow to replace the desktop. So they want us to pay so they can show us how little they've achieved over the last few years with their terrible web client. No

James • 20th August 2018 •

We left these clowns well over a year ago when they expected their customers to pony up for a big increase in monthly fees whilst still running beta software. The migration to the web based interface was a classic business case of how not to do it. There are better vendors of this type of software available who actually have relatively stable software.

Cambridge_Blue • 20th August 2018 •

Are you able to recommend an alternative? Linnworks is run by tech nerds with absolutely no understand of UX or ecommerce requirements. Their eastern european support is atrocious and their sales team have no idea whats going on half the time.

James • 20th August 2018 •

Would recommend storefeeder as an alternative to linnworks, cloud based and feature rich, have been using for a few years now and never looked elsewhere since.

Kieran • 20th August 2018 •

Wow - the agenda looks amazing for this one. I'll be attending with most of the team this year. The best ecommerce conference out there in my opinion! Keep it up.

robertwick55 • 24th August 2018 •

Looking forward to this immensely, been one of the best eCommerce Events in the calendar by far and not to be missed whether you use Linnworks or not. Agenda is amazing this year and so many networking opportunities too.

Jane Bell • 25th August 2018 •