Amazon Seller Performance metrics changes have announced changes to merchant’s Amazon Seller Performance Notifications Page which will come into effect on the 1st of October 2018. The aim is to give a better set of metrics to help sellers keep tabs on their account health.

“On October 1, 2018, we will replace this page with a more useful, detailed experience to better help you monitor your account health. We’re also removing the Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate, Contact Response Time, and Refund Rate metrics to better align our seller performance policies with the metrics detailed on the Account Health page.”

The three metrics being removed from Amazon Seller Performance Notifications

Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate

The Amazon Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of customers who are not satisfied with your responses in Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

Contact Response Time

The Late Response Rate is the percentage of messages you did not respond to within 24 hours. Amazon calculate response time based on the amount of time elapsed between when a buyer message is received and when your response is sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging, including weekends and holidays. For this metric, Amazon display the following subcategories:

  • Response times over 24 hours: The percentage of messages you responded to after 24 hours
  • No response: The percentage of messages that you received more than 24 hours ago to which you didn’t respond

Refund Rate

A decision not to fulfil an order prior to delivery confirmation is treated as a cancelled order. Once an order is dispatch-confirmed, a decision to accept a return or not deliver an item is treated as a refund.

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Just to clarify as I’m not sure if I read this right... but ARE they really removing the requirements for sellers to respond to emails within 24hrs AND also the metrics concerning whether you REFUND an order prior to dispatch!? That’s two metrics I would have never considered Amazon to remove. So let me just check again to be sure... Amazon are saying that if we don’t respond to customers within 24hrs, or we cancel an order prior to dispatch, we won’t be rated on it? I can’t for the life of me fathom how this improves the marketplace (for buyers) even if it is a positive for Sellers and seems quite the opposite and what I’d expect from Amazon. By the way... Is this an thing or is it UK & Europe too?

Jay • 25th September 2018 •

I'm amazed at these changes. I don't mind either of the pre fulfil cancel or messaging response rate metrics - we actually improved our customer service offering based on the 24hr target when it was introduced, and pre fulfil cancels are a useful way of keeping tabs on stock level issues. Dissatisfaction rate I'm happy to see the back of - it never reflected how well we handle issues. I do wonder if they're just going to bring something else in to replace the first two.

mikea • 26th September 2018 •

I believe the removal of these metrics are coinciding with Amazon’s Voice of the Customer metric. It’s been rolled out in beta to a few customers already. The response requirements will remain the same (as far as I understand) but how we see things will change

Trish Carey • 26th September 2018 •