eBay.com unveils new marketing campaign

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eBay.com has unveiled a new marketing campaign in the USA that focusses on some of the interesting and relevant items that you can find on the eBay marketplace. The theme of the campaign is: “What’s Trending on eBay? Everything That’s Relevant and Important to You.”

The diverse experience that our customers have on eBay is very different from any other commerce experience. We feel in many ways that eBay is part of what shapes our society and the world we live in. And this is exactly what we’re celebrating with our new marketing campaign, which we are debuting this week. Our new television and digital creative highlights what we’ve known all along: Everything that’s relevant, interesting and current is on eBay – and you can buy it now.
– Scott Cutler, SVP, eBay Americas

The ad will be appearing via a national, multi-channel campaign across devices and platforms. They say the idea is for it to be “popping up during moments that are relevant to you, on TV, radio, digital, billboards and more.”

And here are several of the TV ad spots on Youtube:

This ad campaign has originated in the USA and promotes eBay.com and there is no news on whether it will be spreading further afield or crossing the Atlantic to the UK. Certainly in Britain the Fill your Cart with Colour campaign is still running and radio ads have still been running this week. One of the problems with that campaign was that it was, in part, a swipe at Amazon and the ‘brown’ parcels they deliver.

This campaign is more striking than some past efforts and it plays to eBay’s unique strengths of quirkiness and eclecticism. But in any case, marketing spend is marketing spend and one of the things that merchants are paying eBay for is promotion of the marketplace so you can bag buyers. And in that spirit any big campaign can only be a good thing.

But do you like it?

48 Responses

  1. Ebay is falling apart. Messages sent have your own user name on instead of the user you sent it to. They charge 10% on postage and say it’s to make it cheeper and fairer for the buyer and seller. They have a crazy 10% off on sertain seller obviously none you want to buy from. They’re that worried you can share your listing on social media and if it sells you don’t have to pay final fee. That’s because people have had enough of their rediculous fees. 35p to list. 10% final fee. 10% on postage. The only way ebay is going is down

  2. Oh yeah and the new items within 5 miles. Why do i want to see millions of second hand stinky shoes and shirts that people are selling within 5 miles.
    I told them about the problems i January and they changed the app back to normal, now 8 months later it’s back exactly the same. They don’t listen to their customers. They’re to big and GREEDY.

  3. I love the whats trending thing on the app…. last night it came up with alsorts of random stuff… one trend was something with 350 views and 130 clicks… yeah… that item is hot hot hot!
    If im honest i think the key to ebays future lies firmly with them getting their sellers back behind them. After all it’s our stuff that is being sold! If the sellers were happy then they would be telling everyone about ebay! Sadly most of us are too busy trying to transfer our business elsewhere!

  4. Ebay is finished! They’ve treateded us bad so we’re allmoving to instagram and facebook market where it’s free and easier. It’s paypal that guarantee your money if your parcel goes missing not ebay. Ebay like to make out it’s them but all they are is a selling platform pullong the wool over our eyes.
    Times are moving forward and ebay can stay behind. Hope they get some karma for charging us all 10% on postage for 7 years and saying it’s for our benifit to make it cheeper. How can charging 10% on postage make it cheeper. Paypal brought out the easy way to pay with just an email and now we can all use it on social media to sell. Paypal one off payment with just an email address and guaranteed refund will be ebays achilles heel

  5. Why would you advertise on facebook. It’s free!! Just list your items and people message you and says I’ll have that mate. Do you take paypal. Yeah mate job done. SOLD 100% covered with paypal what more do you want. Ebay are just robbing us. Instagram is easy as well. Set an account up and diect them to your website. You can set up a godaddy website for £1 and the domain will cost you £10 or you can stay on ebay and back them and pay 35p per listing. 10% final fee and 10% on postage. Works out alot if you send across the water.

  6. @ ben, sorry my last comment may have been a bit rude.

    To rephrase – there is a reason facebook market place is free. You get what you pay for.

    to get consistent business sales you need to turn to Facebook Advertising which off course costs money but does get consistent results.

  7. Alan you are the one with lack of knowledge. Facebook market is free to list. You like the local selling pages and list for free. You’re obviously not up with the times and don’t understand how to use facebook.
    Do some research first before you attack people

  8. @ BEN, I think everyone on here, their relatives and their cats and dogs and their grannies knows about FB Marketplace. Thats NOT what we are talking about.

    I do this for a living. YOU do your research before you come on here declaring ebay :finished”.

    jeeeeez …….. and I thought I was arrogant.

    (well I am but at least I know what im talking about).

    You are just illustrating my previous point (about you being ignorant).

  9. No worries Alan and everything I said is true. I have nothing to hide but why does ebay try and hide the fact that thay are charging their customers 10% on postage? Look at any ebay invoice and where does it say at the bottom

    Discount fees
    End of listing fees
    Ebay fees on postage
    Total cost

    It doesn’t because they are trying to hide the fact that they charge 10% on postage by saying it’s an overall 10% fee so the the average jo who doesn’t know doesn’t see it.

    And you can slag me off all you like but the simple fact is that it’s all true and i’m merely pointing it out as I don’t like being robbed and also don’t like my fellow ebayers also being robbed.
    I like ebay but it dosen’t mean I’ll let them walk all over me.
    This is the reason why they get away with it because no one speaks out or no one knows about it.
    I understand people make a living out of ebay but why should we let them get away with it. Do we let the government put fuel up £0.20 or $ 0.60 over night and say nothing? I don’t think so. I’m on your side Alan as a seller and a buyer unless you’re employed by them.

  10. 10% ebay fee on £1 chocolate frog might not be alot but when you send an item to europe and it costs £70 it’s an extra £7 ebay fee plus the £100 fee on the £1000 item i’m sending so it cost me £107 and you think it’s acceptable for ebay to charge that extra £7 for what obsurd reason?

  11. however your point about ebay being finished, me not knowing what im talking about and your farcical comments about facebook kinda undermines the rest of your posts.

    I get annoyed when folk trash ebay – as you did – just because YOU cant make it work.
    When you went on to say that Facebook advertising is free – that kinda shows your ignorance. You are mixing Facebook Advertising programme up with the rather pointless Marketplace (which is free). Go try making a “living” or a “business” on FB Marketplace. THATS NOW WHAT WE WERE DISCUSSING. So dont come on here and try and correct me.

    I spend a 4-fig sum per month on FB Advertising. I think I know what im talking about.

    The very fact that you don’t know about FB Advertising programme and your wonderfully naive comments trying to “inform” me – well – you saw my reaction. You are shouting your ignorance from the hilltops.

  12. Alan I understan that there was a problem but the answer is not then charge the customer a 10% fee ro stop the problem and make billions ofc the back of it.
    They’re quick to send you a message if you put your email or phone number in a mesaage or if you try to strike a deal out of ebay they say they moniter all messages but the simple fact is they see a good oportunity to make 10% on postage as well. If they wanted to they could have easyly have stoped the problem if they wanted to. People could have reported it the same as people report offensive symbols from the war .
    Anyway they already give their reason. ” to make it fairer and cheeper for the buyer and seller”

  13. @ Ben, when you are losing a discussion do you change to a different point entirely?! it would seem so.

    the original reason I engaged with you was your declaration that ebay was finished and then you tried to “educate ” me on FB advertising saying it was free.

    I must get my £20k back off Facebook………..

    If you don’t like ebay and dont like their rules then get off the platform but don’t try to drag other sellers with you. what would buyers think if they read this page?

    If you dont know anything about FB advertising maybe you should not try educating others either.

  14. The way I see it is ebay can see buying and sellibg is rapidly moving over to social media sites that son’t charge any fees and in todays ever quick changing market we can easily get paid with just a simple email address (paypal) or phone number with banks ebay are in the dust unless thay move quick and stop robbing us. If you haven’t already noticed but ebay are giving you the option to share your listing on social media and if it sells you don’t pay and end of listing fee. That says something about the moving times and the shear worry ebay have about free social media sites.
    That’s why they have this massive marketing compain but I’m affraid it’s to little to late as people have lost trust in ebay through their extortionate fees. It’s about the younger generation and I know they all say why pay 10% when you can sell for free.
    They’re in a situation now as well cause they can’t lose face and drop the fees as their share holders will pull out so they have to carry on down wrong track till it ends. And at the moment facebook are trying to win their users back after they all left over night because of the data breach analitics.

  15. And my whole point was to say that ebay need to change and stop charging so high fees aspecially the 10% on postage that their customers are unaware about as the try to hide it by not putting it on there invoice breakdown total and by saying it’s an overall fee combined. Postage and the sellers value fee.

  16. Facebook Marketplace is little more than the classified ads. I cannot see any material difference to Gumtree for example.

    I think the words ‘flogging unwanted stuff’ is a bit of a clue here. I have used Facebook Marketplace to shift some furniture, kids toys etc before a house move. However, ‘flogging’ unwanted stuff, and running a fully fledged ecommerce business are not quite the same.

    My rule of thumb…if you can ship it at a sensible price, use E-Bay, if you cannot, use Facebook Marketplace.

    What I would add though is that Facebook Marketplace may well be the acorn from which a new competitor to E-Bay appears one day.

  17. They don’t need a marketing campain. Everyone knows who ebay is. They need to lower their fees, it’s as simple as that otherwise like i’ve been saying social media sites will take over and rule the market leaving ebay behind.

  18. @Ben

    I don’t really understand your point on the 10% on postage, that does not make sense to me. Sure, eBay never used to charge you a fee on postage, but people abused it, but YOU do not actually pay it do you? Surely your customer pays it. I add the cost of postage to the item which includes the eBay fee & VAT that I have to pay out of it, leaving me with the cost of postage.

    Surely when eBay choose to charge you postage you put up your prices to cover it?

    It is a rip off though, if a customer buys two items they pay for the postage twice as I send it in the same box, extra profit for me as well as eBay.

  19. I understand that and like you say selling new goods on ebay isn’t the same as selling on facebook but if everyone did decided to sell their second hand goods on facebook market place for free and set up pages on instagram with pictures and links to their websites where would that leave ebay and the share holders if they lose half their customers to social media….

    Well it’s not a case of “if” it’s “when”

    and I imagine there’s more second hand sellers on ebay than people selling new goods but I’ll say half to keep it neutral

  20. Only because for example if you add 10% to your postage fee on the ebay listing and the parcel turnes up and says £3.95 on lable with out the 10% people start grizzling and leave you negative postage feedback.
    But like you say charge the customer.
    But ebay don’t like that cause it puts people off from buying on their site but ebay are happy to charge the seller 10% though.

    It’s a buyers market as they say.

    The couriers keep putting their prices up as well so sellers can’t win and as well as that the seller compition on ebay keep lowering the prices and selling close to a loss.


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