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Continuing our Marketplaces 2018 series, today we look at To find a full list of marketplaces we’ve written about already, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here.

Marketplaces 2018 is produced in association with, the largest UK owned marketplace to sell your inventory on.

Web address:

Marketplace Overview started out as a retailer and marketplace and was acquired by Walmart in 2016 for $3.3 billion.

As we wrote recently, has recently undergone something of a revamp and rebranding. But there is a question as to where that leaves the company. The Walmart-owned retailer and marketplace says that it seeks to “rehumanise ecommerce” and make shopping more than simply transactional:

I think we’ve been indoctrinated over the last 10 years that e-commerce is a very transactional experience. We know that a lot of people shop for enjoyment, inspiration, and discovery and with the new site, we’re putting that customer centricity back into the experience.
– Simon Belsham, president,

The focus of the recent developments is on shoppers and increasing the number of goods available, especially with big brands including Nike. And also offering faster shipping on orders. Swifter shipping will also be available and free shipping is offered on orders above $35.

Seller registration and requirements

To get registered, you’ll need to apply and be approved. The product criteria they take a look at are here. Here’s what they want but be warned because applications may be slow:

Our mission is to showcase a thoughtfully curated selection of brands for our urban customer, so we’re looking for partners who share in our passion and uphold our standards for quality products and experiences. Think we’re a good match? Please apply! Please note that we’re making some updates to our partner application process and may be slow to review submissions in the meantime.

Product listings and fulfilment

You can get your inventory live on via either the API or using one of the numerous third-party providers that can connect you, including ChannelAdvisor.

Don’t forget that is a retailer in its own right and is, therefore, a competitor. Additionally, Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world so represents stiff competition.

Tamebay’s take on

When Jet was launched by Marc Lore it had a clear role and position in the ecommerce world. The premise was simple: you could buy goods for very competitive prices, the more you bought the less things cost and shipping was inexpensive (or free) but it wasn’t swift. There was a belief that people would wait if it meant savings. And that’s an idea that still has merit, but has diverted from its founding concepts. And that represents a bit of a problem. What is it for?

Since Walmart acquired it hasn’t been entirely clear what it wants to do with the marketplace. It has enormous potential but a greater clarity of purpose will help. Maybe it doesn’t want smaller third party (3P) merchants, in the longer term, at all.

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For anyone looking for the actual sign up link visit Taken from “Jet currently operates within the contiguous 48 United States and all Jet Retail Partners must have the legal and physical capability to fulfill orders in the United States. For this reason, all Jet Retail Partners must apply using a valid US Business Tax ID” “If your business is not headquartered in the United States, but you have both a fulfillment capability within the United States and a valid US Business Tax ID, you are welcome to apply to sell on Jet at this time. If you are unable to meet either of these requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to bring you onto the platform at this time.” However slight problem with the registration form... it requires a valid US ZIP Code. You cannot enter a UK postcode and the field is not optional. I would therefore suspect that you would be required to contact for information on how to actually get registered/beyond the sign up for if you are based outside the US.

Jay • 30th September 2018 •

i might start a marketplace series and copy paste the marketing crap! at least tell us how UK peeps can sell on it ! Thank you Jay :) Thanks

copyandpaste • 1st October 2018 •