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Traditionally there have been two ways to sell on Amazon – as a merchant where you list and sell your own products and as a vendor where you sell your products to Amazon retail who purchase from you in bulk. Now there’s a third way which is to become an Amazon Private Label.

Amazon Private Label Amazon Basics Our Brands promotionAmazon have launched an accelerator inviting manufacturers to become an Amazon Private Label and be listed as Amazon’s ‘Own Brands’. Amazon typically gives their Private Label products premium placement in search results as well as Sponsored Ads placement so you can expect stellar sales. For many search results, Amazon will display a ‘Top Rated from Our Brands’ scrolling box to display Amazon Private Label products as can be seen in the search for AA Batteries on Amazon promoting the Amazon Basics Private Label.

In addition to promoting private labels to consumers, Amazon will automatically promote products you supply as Amazon Private Labels to business buyers through Amazon Business.

As a business, you will need to balance your sales exposure against the downside of becoming an Amazon Private Label. Amazon’s ‘Own Brands’ products are only ever sold on Amazon. You won’t be able to sell the same product on any other marketplace or your own website and will be prohibited from wholesaling it.

“Our Brands is a collection of Amazon private brands and a curated selection of brands sold exclusively on Amazon. With Our Brands, we are bringing high-quality products at great prices to our global network of customers both directly (B2C) and commercially (B2B).”
– Amazon

Amazon will not only own the brand, but as a Private Label Amazon may ask you to tweak the product or even redesign it from scratch. However, generally being an Amazon Private Label supplier won’t prohibit you from having your own Private Labels or selling under your own company name as well. As well as perhaps tweaks to the product itself, products you supply as an Amazon Private Label will of course require different packaging, product stickers, pack sizes and GTINs to those you supply anywhere else.

It’s important to note that Amazon Private Labels are not single products. As an Amazon Private Label supplier you will be creating an entire product line (and possibly multiple product lines). It is also possible that Amazon will commission other manufacturers to supplement the product lines that you supply – they own the Private Label and can switch manufacturing between suppliers should they choose to.

Amazon Private Label benefits

Onboarding Support

You’ll receive guided support and a free toolset of products to tell your brand story and track performance.

Marketing Services

Brands will receive a suite of marketing support executed by our Amazon merchandising team. Products with high ratings and reviews can receive additional placements across

Venue to Test & Learn

You can easily test new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.

Main Private Label categories on Amazon

Apparel & Accessories
Business & Industrial
Consumer Electronics
Food & Beverages
Health & Wellness
Home & Kitchen
Household & Personal Care
Lawn & Garden
Office Supplies
Sporting & Outdoors
Tools & Home Improvement

7 Responses

  1. At the cost of more jobs and lots more tax dodged.
    Innovative as it is, Amazon bring nothing to wider society am afraid.

  2. Large letters by Royal Mail. All my items are are not recognised by Ebay even when using click and drop as they are large letters. I have used it, tested it throughly and items were marked as delivered by Royal Mail. No claims from RM can be made for losses even when delivered and Ebay do not regard such tracking as valid trracking. There is no alternative in the UK for large letter post as Royal Mail has the monopoly.

    When selling items of that size when under £15 recorded signed for would cost about £1.20 when profit is only 50p such as maps. Therefore the whole system is flawed. Cannot raise prices to reflect tracking as customers will not pay £1 more as just not economic. Customers do not want recorded signed for, for such items either.

    I am a top seller and currently not under threat but that is only due to a lot of hard work. I do not send anything tracked. Any items lost immediately replaced or refunded. Losses are rare.

    Ebay and Royal Mail need to resolve this before inflicting more unjust regulation

  3. I use Royal Mail click and drop for the vast majority of ebay and Amazon orders, a mixture of large letters and parcels, mainly sent on RM48 (2nd class equivalent) as the free P&P option. Tracking is uploaded as the order is packed, a simple task of copy/paste on both ebay and Amazon.

    No one has made a successful INR claim against my business this year, either because ebay, Amazon or paypal accepted the delivery scan as proof, or because when the buyer was shown the uploaded tracking details, the last scan showed that delivery was attempted and the parcel was now waiting at the local Royal Mail sorting office for the buyer to collect or rearrange delivery.

    In the ebay late deliveries report, there are 28 “late” items, all under “tracking indicates late delivery” Of these, ebay has removed (so far, they will get around to the rest eventually) 22 out of 28 from the actual count, because they know they were dispatched on time. They have done this automatically. I haven’t had to ask and it hasn’t mattered whether they were large letter or parcel.

    I don’t know what other people are doing differently, but it is working just fine here. Ebay are recording the late deliveries, but if they are removing them from the count, they’re not doing it as a way to punish sellers. At least not here.


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