eBay delivery powered by Shutl cut estimated delivery dates

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Following the recent rate change for Hermes on eBay delivery powered by Shutl, eBay have now adjusted their Hermes economy estimated delivery dates from 3-5 days to 2-3 days to reflect an improved service offering from Hermes and align with eBay’s Seller Standards and Premium service offerings.

eBay have been working to deliver better delivery services by including services with shorter estimated delivery dates, thereby cutting delivery time for parcels delivered via eBay delivery powered by Shutl, and giving customers a better all-round experience of shopping on eBay.

As a result of these improvements, eBay are renaming eBay Delivery economy Shutl 3-5 day service to Shutl 2-3 days on the eBay delivery platform. So customers who previously used Hermes economy under the Shutl 3-5 day service can now use the Shutl 2-3 day service and get the same service at the same price with improved estimated delivery dates from Hermes.

For customers who previously used CollectPlus economy under the Shutl 3-5 day service, eBay plan to remove this service from listings soon. CollectPlus 2-day service will move into the Shutl 2-3 day service listing and will remain in the service offering.

All services will continue to include tracking (which will be automatically integrated into eBay) and standard compensation (the amount of which will vary depending on the service selected) so sellers and buyers can continue to have peace of mind as well as access to great value services.

For more information and rates, visit the eBay Delivery Powered by Shutl page.

5 Responses

  1. Amazon now understands that advertising is a high profit margin business. What we can also expect soon is pre roll advertising on Amazon prime video.

  2. hahahahahaha. Think Chris Grayling has been hitting the pipe.
    driverless cars are not ready for US roads yet.
    the well-painted, well-maintained, wide, straight, jaywalking-is-a-crime, sunny, ice-free roads of california are not ready for them.
    But Chris thinks our pot-holed, water-logged, unpainted, victorian, cobbled, badly lit, blind-cornered, speed-bumped and frozen roads are going to work well?

  3. Over the top reaction if I have ever seen one. With the joys of Brexit on the way it is actually a safe haven….
    Increasing prices will be the stupid move and will in turn push yet more business towards Amazon.

  4. Tesco are hypocrites.

    They, as a Company have spent years kicking and knocking so many small retailers out of the game it is unbelievable how now they are indicating they cannot compete.

    My local Tesco express opened 3-4 years ago, and has killed at least 5 small shops locally.
    Their grip should be that they themselves started off as a pile it high, sell it cheap Co, but moved upmarket to compete with the medium-higher end, and in doing so increased their margins considerably pre 2008, then came the recession.

    In addition along came the likes of Lidl and Aldi, who themselves started by selling out of boxes and off pallets, but now stack everything neatly, and have invaded Tesco’s core market.
    Any family will tell you and ask why, pay £3=£4 for 350grams of branded cheese, when they can go to Aldi and get the similar quality for £2-£3.

    The situation does not only apply to groceries, they have invaded all walks of retail, financial services, etc, etc.


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