Etsy Integrations launches to help develop your Etsy Shop

Etsy Integrations has launched for Etsy shops and is available to some sellers, starting with immediate effect. But what is the new feature all about? It’s probably best to consider Integrations and the Toolbox essentially as an app store for Etsy merchants. Developers are able to build integrations, plug-ins, for an Etsy shop that will help it become a more successful enterprise.

You can read the full announcement from Etsy here but they say:

We know many sellers use independently-designed integrations and tools to help run their business, and we want to help you find the best ones to help you grow on Etsy. Starting today, we’ll be launching “Integrations”, a “Toolbox” within your Shop Manager. This will feature a list of third-party tools to help grow your Etsy shop that can be connected to your Etsy account.

This is a curated list of integrations that is designed to help you market and promote your Etsy shop, keep track of your expenses and accounting, optimize your listings and photos, and better understand and manage your inventory.
– Isabella, Etsy

The relevant help page related to Etsy Integrations can be found here. It’s not entirely clear the extent to which these third party services are really new. But their promotion is clearly an attempt to develop the tools and services available and there is a call to action to encourage the creation of new Integrations on the help page.

What is new is the specific ability to embed them in your Etsy seller dashboard so they are close at hand when you are administering your sales. Any marketplace merchant is presiding, to a great extent, over a ‘portfolio’ business and knitting together an array of apps, tools, services and the like to create an effective machine for selling. Anything that makes that easier is to be welcomed.

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I am surprised that Etsy still don't have have a system to import listings from eBay. What with so many sellers leaving eBay it would be my No 1 priority if I were Josh Silverman. I downgraded my eBay shop from Featured to Basic a couple of months ago but I simply don't have time to list 3,500 items on Etsy one by one.

Pete • 9th October 2018 •

" I am surprised that Etsy still don’t have have a system to import listings from eBay " Josh Silverman didn´t understand since today, that he could be the most important competitor to eBay if he would open the oportunity of csv.import listings. Once there was a tool named ETSY.CSV that unfortunately didn´t work properly. Josh Silverman should buy&repair this tool and integrate it in ETSY tools. If he is afraid of trillions of Chinese goods to come he should open the csv.import tool only after a personal control and confirmation. I would be glad to pay a fee for this tool from ETSY.

harry • 10th October 2018 •

I don’t think Etsy particularly like sellers being able to bulk-upload and hence why it’s not natively supported. Bulk upload can be seen to attract Chinese dropshippers and Etsy just don’t want that. As for the tool you mention, it does work, we’ve used it to bulk upload and manage Etsy listings via CSV (albeit it’s not particularly user friendly) but gets the job done.

Jay • 11th October 2018 •