Ship orders via voice command with Amazon Alexa and ShippingEasy

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ShippingEasy, a subsidiary of have what they claim to be a first in the shipping industry – the ability to ship and manage orders via voice commands with a new Amazon Alexa and ShippingEasy integration.

Either use the Alexa app on a mobile device, or simply pop an Amazon Echo on your shipping station and you’re all set to pick, pack, and ship orders without ever touching a keyboard. The innovation promises to reduce the time and labour required to manage, fulfil, and ship orders according to ShippingEasy.

“Our brand promise is to make shipping easy for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, from single-channel stores to multi-store, multi-warehouse, international operations. Leveraging voice capabilities to emancipate the shipper from the shipping station and keyboard is a perfect example of our commitment to that promise. Enabling company owners to ask business performance related questions from their smartphone wherever they are empowers them, and allows them to do what they do best – run a successful business. This first-of-its-kind integration in the e-commerce shipping industry truly allows hands-free shipping, and will change the way online businesses operate.”
– Katie May, CEO, ShippingEasy

This is exceptionally interesting, but in practical terms it will be interesting to see how well it works when you have half a dozen packing stations in close proximity in a noisy environment and you end up printing your orders out of your neighbours printer. In speed terms it may well prove quicker to print pick and pack lists from voice command, but identifying an order by voice rather than scanning a bar code to trigger a shipping label to print will certainly take some getting used to.

Amazon Alexa and ShippingEasy command features

Using the Alexa device or downloading the Alexa app on their smartphone, ecommerce sellers can now accomplish hands-free shipping tasks with essential commands including:

  • Managing orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Printing labels, packing slips, and picklists
  • Purchasing postage
  • Checking postage balances

Using voice commands, online sellers can also ask Alexa a variety of shipping-related questions, allowing them to immediately and effortlessly track and manage orders and shipments. In addition to shipping and fulfilment related commands, examples of questions that Amazon Alexa and Shipping Easy can handle include:

  • How many orders do I have?
  • How many orders did I ship last week?
  • What is my oldest order?
  • What is my newest order?
  • What is the rate quote?
  • What is the destination?
  • Who is the carrier?
  • What is the carrier service?
  • What type of packaging?

One Response

  1. what a ridiculous ruling.
    what are the indian courts trying to promote here?
    in order to prevent this kind of thing, apple would need to constantly monitor everyone with an iphone (more than they do already).
    like suing an author because somebody scribbled a different ISBN inside the cover after buying the book. How the hell is the author responsible for that? speak to the person with the Biro.


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