Amazon products see up to 424% traffic growth ahead of Black Friday

Amazon saw their products traffic increase up to 424% in the week coming to Black Friday trading period, says new analysis.

The marketplace experienced a traffic hike in the week ending November 17, with consumer searches for Amazon Echo have peaked at 534,533. That’s up by 424% in a seven-day period ahead of Black Friday, suggests new website analysis by Hitwise.

When it comes to the most searched products, Nintendo Switch has been looked up by more than 1m consumers that week, up by 103% in comparison to pre-peak period. This is closely followed by Fitbit, which received 910,448 online visitations. That’s up by 192% in the same period. LEGO was the third most visited product, with 770, 551 shoppers visiting the product’s page, up by 62%. The marketplace’s electronic technology including laptops (709,842), headphones (696,500) and (576,991) have experienced a demand for consumption. That’s up by 142%, 33% and 56%, respectivly during the seven-day period ahead of Black Friday.

Product Search # Searchers Search Vol
1 Nintendo Switch 1,086,320 +103%
2 Fitbit 910,448 +192%
3 Lego 770,551 +62%
4 Laptop 709,842 +142%
5 Headphones 696,500 +33%
6 PS4 576,991 +56%
7 Echo Dot 543,533 +424%
8 Tablets 496,919 +163%
9 SSD 486,428 +83%
10 Kindle 469,410 +34%

Amazon dominates the search market

Amazon have reached a 27% of the whole online search market in the week coming up to Black Friday. That’s up by 6% on the year-on-year (YoY) basis. Their competitor, Etsy have experienced a 0.8% share of the search market, making the marketplace climb up by 27% on the YoY rate in comparison to the same time last year. As it appears, Amazon is the biggest ‘go-to’ marketplace when it comes to product discovery and research.

This also indicates that this year, shoppers have been deliberately going to the marketplace in order to shop for goods as the results suggest increased traffic in Amazon’s product pages rather their landing page.

Ahead of Black Friday, the marketplace have been heavily investing in innovations and promotional activity. The marketplace have introduced a new augmented reality (AR) feature for their app “just in time for Black Friday’ to allow shoppers to view Amazon products in their home environment. On the Black Friday itself the marketplace opened a three-day ‘Home of Black Friday’ pop-up store, which allowed shoppers to ‘experince’ Amazon products accross eight individual themed rooms of what it looked like a smart-house. Evidently, an extensive promotion of discounts events triggers a shopping effect in consumers, which not only results in looking up bargain deals but also pressing the buy button.

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