Sellers add eBay Multi-buy listings to 12 million UK listings in 3 weeks

UK sellers on eBay have applied the new eBay Multi-buy listings feature to 12 million listings in the first three weeks since its launch.

The new tool allows sellers to set up tiered discounts to help boost average order sizes and sales, and was launched in time for this year’s Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

eBay are also offering sellers 50% off final value fees on any extra items on eBay Multi-buy listings sold between the 6th of November and 7th of December.

An eBay analysis indicates that sellers could see up to a 23% uplift in average order size when using a Multi-Buy discount. The benefits of using eBay Multi-buy listings are:

  • Extra visibility for offers in the View Item page – with discounted prices in a prominent position
  • One click Multi-Buy experience, with easy to understand discounts
  • Potential savings on postage costs for Multi-Buy sales – as repeat buyers buy in multiple quantities, so sellers can send items in one go.

“I like how it makes it clearer for the buyer to see their prices for different units….the fact that you can offer discounts on different items across the same promotion is also good.”
– Lee Gibson, Director, Strike Sport

If you’d like to create eBay Multi-buy listings or add the pricing feature to existing listings there’s a help page on eBay.

“We are delighted with the success of Multi-buy in the UK, especially for sellers using it over the Black Friday weekend. Multi-buy is a powerful tool offering great value to buyers and a great way for sellers to increase basket size. I’d urge all sellers to take advantage of the 50% discount on fees before the promotion ends on 7 December”
– Kit Glover, Senior Director of Seller Experience, eBay

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