The Grand Tour Season 3 kicks off on 18th January 2019

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back for another season of adventure and idiocy as The Grand Tour Season 3 kicks off on Amazon Prime Video on the 18th of January 2019.

Travelling the world to drive everything from hypercars and Italian classics to RVs and American muscle, the trailer opens with Hammond once again risking one of his nine lives as he struggles to keep his Jeep on a tiny bridge over a steep canyon in Colombia with a cry for help typical of the Hamster.

The three comrades take on epic challenges in Detroit and Nevada with visits to Mongolia and China. Jeremy and Abbie attempt an unusual snowy challenge in Sweden, while James May is seen playing the bag pipes in Scotland, along with a tour of the Stansted Airport. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to rampage around the globe with your most entertaining friends, don’t ask these three. They find each other very annoying.

The Grand Tour is a massively expensive show to make, but it was also Amazon’s most profitable when the trio moved from Top Gear to Amazon Prime video for the first season. Don’t think that Amazon look directly at the production costs however, Amazon are driven by Prime membership and their ultimate statistic is to divide the production cost by the number of new Prime Subscriptions the show drives and if that number works for them then they’re happy. Rumour has it that The Grand Tour was one of the lowest costs ever despite it’s astronomical multi-million pound price tag to produce and if The Grand Tour Season 3 gets a similar response then it’ll be considered a success.

This third Season could be the end of the road for Clarkson, Hammond and May. They started out on Top Gear in 2002 (for Clarkson and Hammond, James May joined them in 2003) and were on the young side of middle aged, but now 16 years later and three seasons into The Grand Tour, they’re moving towards the geriatric stage and frankly it’s questionable how much longer they’ll be willing to travel the world and, especially for Hammond, how many more times they’re willing to roll the dice and suffer spectacular crashes.

Judging by the trailer this third season if this is their swansong it’s going to be a pretty spectacular finale. But if it’s a rip-roaring success measured by Amazon Prime sign ups there might just be enough cash splashed by Amazon to tempt them into a fourth season.

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