10% off eBay UK Coupon Code this Sunday

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eBay are running a 10% off sale on one of what is traditionally the busiest shopping days of the year. From 10am Sunday morning through to Midnight, with the eBay UK coupon code shoppers can grab 10% discount off almost everything sold on the site and you can use the coupon code twice to save even more.

The categories the eBay UK Coupon Code is valid in are

  • Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Collectables
  • Health & Beauty
  • Vehicle parts & accessories
  • Toys
  • Home Entertainment

To redeem your 10% discount you’ll need to to make a purchase of £20 or more, enter the promo code PEACHY at checkout, and pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. This coupon excludes the Electronics category and the minimum spend does not include any postage and packing charges.

Enter the eBay UK Coupon Code PEACHY at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £50 per redemption and you are limited to two redemptions.

Full terms and conditions are available on eBay.

7 Responses

  1. Sales on EBay are practically non existent and have been for the past 3 weeks. We did a test search on our private Ebay for our products on our business Ebay and the search came up with nothing at all including our competitors. So once again the Search box is broke yet again.

  2. Everything apart from the one thing I actually want?. They did another code the other day also Xmas or something for 15 per cent but that was only available on 2 of my eBay accounts for some reason.
    It has been a pretty poor peak trading on eBay, yes there are sales but it is not nearly as busy as the last few years, plus eBay getting a bit expensive to sell on they are really chomping at our margins. According to eBay people it has gone from 3.5per cent for a stealth fee to 7per cent in 24 hours…which is stupid in our sector as those margins simply do not exist on top of all the other fees.
    The search is full of overpriced products now, or even worse COUNTERFEIT products being boosted to the top of listings (Its actually pretty bad right now).
    Its a shame the current management are so stupid if they don’t see the long term negative impact for some short term profiteering.

  3. eBay do a poor job of publicising any discount code, I only found out about the peachy one a few hours before it ended from one of their on screen banners.

    Many folks would not have known about it, perish the thought eBay send an email to all those watchers – who are watching an item………but no, that would cost them too much money

    So sales remain flat. Most of mine go overseas now, the UK buyer no longer buys, thank god for Italy, Germany, the US and Australia!

    PS I got this Tamebay email at 10am on 10th Dec……….well after the sale code had expired….doh!

  4. Ditto re the code
    Bad news – only 1 sale from ebay
    Good news – Website sales are flying.
    As each listing ends on ebay, I am just not renewing.

  5. Great news on eBay sales, not sure what is driving it but 98% up on the previous 31 days.

    Amazon have done 5x eBay sales in 30 days, so whilst eBay is good it is still lagging even further behind Amazon.

    Would we know if people are using the coupon to buy our products?

    I have not tried using a coupon.

  6. Wow a lot of negativity for eBay here, I personally think it’s great that eBay are giving discounts by way of coupon codes.

    If you have the eBay app and don’t have eBay notifications turned off then you would have got their push notification which is how they always send them out.

    As for sales, our eBay sales have far exceeded expectation; Black Friday was up 850% total sales to date are up 500% year on year.

    The traffic is there you’ve just got to work with the system!


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