Amazon China 2019 cross border purchasing habits

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Amazon China have released 2018 cross-border online shopping consumption big data. Based on cross-border online shopping consumer behaviour surveys and Amazon‘s overseas purchases and Prime membership services, the data report provides an in-depth analysis of the trends and trends in cross-border online shopping in terms of consumer trends, geographic distribution characteristics, and member behaviour over the past year.

Merchants have been dismayed at the sheer numbers of Chinese sellers listing goods in competition to them on Amazon’s European and US sites, so today we’re taking a look at the reverse situation and examining the types of products Chinese consumers want to buy from the Amazon sellers in the West.

According to the report data, cross-border online shopping in 2018 is increasingly showing quality consumption trends, and driving Amazon’s overseas sales and annual orders to record a record high. This trend is evident in the popularity of the best-selling brands and the penetration rate of consumption.

In line with the enthusiasm for quality cross-border online shopping, Amazon China has launched the “2019 Global New Year Collection” featuring Dr. Martens, Samsonite, Champion, Tiffany, Shiseido, FOREO Fidelity, Childlife, Dyson, Lindt, Aptamil, LEGO and other well-known international brands.

A recent survey of cross-border online shopping users by Amazon China shows that most respondents cross-border online shopping averages 2 or more purchases per month in 2018. More than half of the respondents said that the average monthly expenditure for cross-border online shopping consumption is as high as 2,000 yuan or more.

The primary factor of concern for respondents in cross-border online shopping is whether the products are genuine. Nearly 40% respondents stated that Amazon was their preferred platform for cross border purchases.

Top 20 Amazon’s best-selling brands in overseas brands in 2018 are well-known international brands, including Champion, Clarks, Calvin Klein, Waterpik, FOREO, Under Armour, Olay , Philips, ZOJIRUSHI logo and TIGER Tiger. What is more noteworthy is that a series of small overseas brand sales have grown rapidly and won a place on the the 2018 brand top 10 rookie list. Among them, the Royal Care brand Molton Brown has increased sales by 31x compared with 2017, and the British net red bath brand Baylis and Harding has a year-on-year increase of 24x.

Amazon China Top 10 rookie brands

  1. Israel high-tech home beauty instrument brand: Silk’n
  2. British royal family care brand: Molton Brown
  3. British net red bath brand: Baylis and Harding
  4. Australia high-end baby products brand:
  5. Japanese digital audio and video brand: Fujifilm Fuji
  6. American professional make-up brand: NYX
  7. Australian natural health nutrition brand: SWISSE Reese
  8. Japanese well-known video game manufacturer: Nintendo Nintendo
  9. Swiss high-quality sunscreen brand: Ultra-Sun
  10. German Centennial Mask Family: Schaebens Snow Benedict

Amazon China Prime drives cross border purchasing

Amazon Prime membership services from shopping to digital entertainment promotes cross-border online shopping consumption. Amazon’s global data shows that in 2018 Amazon’s new number of Prime members worldwide has once again reached a record high. In China, Amazon Prime membership service has formed a “dual engine” of Amazon’s cross-border ecommerce strategy with Amazon’s overseas purchases, constantly driving the “flywheel effect.” According to the cross-border online shopping consumption survey of Amazon China in 2018, nearly 80% of respondents indicated that they are more willing to apply for shopping membership.

The unlimited cross-border free postal service throughout the year has become the most popular among the Prime membership services. At the same time, Amazon China data also shows that 75% of overseas buyers have significantly increased consumption after becoming a Prime member, and 60% have doubled their consumption.

2018 Amazon overseas purchases top 10 items most popular among Prime members

  1. Olay Super Body Lotion 2 bottles
  2. Fiona Play Plus Portable Cleansing Instrument
  3. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 3 Generation Electric Toothbrush
  4. Waterpik Clean Bi WP-660UK Ultra Professional Super Professional Floss
  5. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Warm Neutral Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette
  6. Champion Men’s Jersey Classic T-Shirt
  7. Schiff Move Free Osteoporosis Amino Acid Chondroitin Tablets
  8. Similac Abbott Infant Formula
  9. Silk’n home permanent pulse light hair removal device
  10. Neutrogena Neutrogena phototherapy acne mask


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