Amazon Fashion+ incubator program for Chinese Sellers

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On Christmas Eve, while the Western world was shutting down for the holidays, Amazon Fashion+ launched in China to provide customized services for Chinese fashion category sellers.

The Amazon Fashion+ project covers five categories – apparel, footwear, jewellery, watches and bags. It combines Amazon’s rich global fashion resources with local resources and assists sellers of different types and stages of development with customized services to help them achieve global sales, and to accelerate the Chinese fashion brands to the world stage.

Amazon Global Store will provide exclusive service team for Chinese Amazon Fashion+ sellers, which is the first dedicated service team created by Amazon Global Store for single category. The team members have experienced industry backgrounds and rich experience in e-commerce operations. Together with senior fashion experts at Amazon’s overseas sites, they help sellers to get detailed information on hot products, including hot items and selection strategies. Guide and use scenarios, etc., provide sellers with in-depth guidance on selection and operation, and tailor-made brand growth plans.

The “Fashion+” project will cover all types of fashion brands at different stages of development, including Internet native brands, independent brands created by manufacturers’ transformation and upgrading, and well-known Chinese brands. The “Fashion+” project will provide targeted brand solutions based on the seller’s product characteristics, its own advantages, and brand needs. For example, before going online, help sellers understand the development prospects and operation strategies of fashion products in the cross-border e-commerce export field, and clearly define the brand positioning based on overseas market demand and their own advantages.

For sellers who are just online, Amazon Fashion+ will help sellers create fashion brands to complete for overseas consumers custom. They will help the brand to stand on Amazon’s global site; assist online sellers to promote their brand, increase sales, and quickly build consumer trust in the brand; at the same time, combined with Amazon’s fashion category online and offline resources, to provide sellers with Official operation training to help sellers to continue to grow.

The Amazon Fashion+ project integrates Amazon’s global innovation tools and services, including Amazon Accelerator and Fashion Network. Fashion Network is an existing fashion category seller for Amazon Europe. It provides customer keyword analysis and trend forecasting, exposure page and promotion resources for the development of European fashion market, helping to develop high quality in European market. Sellers are able to achieve new product exposures faster, boosting sales growth.

The product planning team from New York, USA, will provide Chinese fashion-oriented sellers with data-based trending guidance to help them build products that meet the latest trends. Fashion sellers can sell the product directly to Amazon’s global consumers and distribute it through Amazon’s comprehensive logistics network. Consumers who give high-scoring products also have the opportunity to get more marketing support from Amazon Accelerator.

As an example of the competition that Chinese Fashion sellers represent to Western sellers, we recently published a case study of a Chinese seller masquerading as a UK Fashion brand.

There are 10,000 Chinese sellers who Amazon classify as ‘quality’ sellers. A large proportion of them operate in the fashion categories so this represents a very real increase in competition to Western Amazon merchants.


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