eBay confirm Turbolister will be fully retired in Feb 2019

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eBay have confirmed that TurboLister will be fully retired across their European sites including the UK at some point in the next month. This means that if you are still using TurboLister you need to find an alternative solution. If you don’t have alternative plans in place, one day you’ll arrive at work to find that your favourite eBay listing tool simply doesn’t work any more.

eBay were responding to a seller in their weekly chat when they announced next month as the final end of Turbolister. They announced the retirement of the listing tool a couple of years back in 2017 and although it was removed from eBay UK for new downloads, the tool continued to work for those who already had it installed.

“TurboLister will be retired on the European eBay sites next month. We don’t have any new details about other sites though (such as the .com site). Until further communication is provided, sellers that have Turbo Lister will be able to continue to use it on the .com site.”
– Brian, eBay Community Chat, 23rd January 2019

Brian added that in addition to ending support in Europe, the tool isn’t recommended for users in the US on eBay.com even if they manage to find the download link which can still be found via external search engines. Although we know the page to download versions of TurboLister with a full set up for your country of choice, we would have to echo eBay’s advice not to as it will cease to work at some point in February.

“Doing a Google search may return a download for Turbo Lister, though that will likely be an out-of-date version and we don’t recommend downloading it through a Google search. Our Advanced Apps team does still offer support for Turbo Lister, though this will end when the full retirement of the tool takes place. The Advanced Apps team can help sellers download Turbo Lister if needed and this is generally used for current users that need to reinstall the program. Since the current plan is to retire the tool, we don’t typically recommend sellers start using it now as support will eventually be discontinued.”
– Brian, eBay Community Chat, 23rd January 2019

eBay’s current advice is that sellers should switch to using the new tools in Seller Hub. Whilst these are adequate for basic listing activities, the one thing that Seller Hub still can’t do is store your old listings for an indefinite period of time so that you can relist them when stock comes in again.

Storing old listings is key to many seller’s businesses, for instance you may have just ended most of your listings for Christmas decorations (hopefully because you’ve sold out!), but you may well wish to list the same Christmas decorations in the run up to Christmas 2019. Seller hub will have long lost your listings by then which is why TurboLister was so loved, as it would have them all safely stored and sellers could file old listings in a separate folder for future use.

4 Responses

  1. DID IT WORK ????
    was it a handy thing ?????

    of course it did and was why do you think eBay are ending it.


  2. I have just gone through the tortuous process of putting my listings on seller hub. Nothing else I looked into was really suitable for me and I don’t qualify for File Exchange.

    There are a number of TL features that I shall miss. I liked the excel style layout and as far as I can tell with seller hub there is no way to sort listings by title, no way to do global changes, the list of drafts does not include the ‘custom label’ info which I use to easily see how far I have got with each listing, there is no storage of old listings. Although you can create and manage up 5.000 drafts how on earth would a seller keep track of them?

    Why indeed would ebay retire a perfectly good listing tool used by many sellers. Why does the US continue to enjoy access to it when sellers in Europe can’t?

  3. Having played around with it more I have found that the custom label can be used and that the listing can be sorted into alphabetical order. Happier days!!

  4. Can I recommend Sixbit
    We’ve used it as a listing and inventory management too and it’s brilliant.


    Built by the same guys that built Blackthorn (another retired eBay tool).

    Has loads and loads of amazing eBay tools built in, is scaleable for various business sizes, and great value each month too.

    Been using it for 5+ years now at least.


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