Halfords Amazon Alexa Bike to launch Summer 2019

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Halfords are to be the exclusive UK supplier of the first Amazon Alexa Bike this summer with the launch of the Cybic bike range. The smart bike uses Amazon Alexa voice function to give directions, turn on lights, play music, tell speed and much more.

“Adding Alexa functionality expands the notion of “Alexa On The Go”, where Alexa is available anywhere where the bike is. The combination of Alexa and Cybic enables riders to enjoy a great range of innovative, integrated bike features without their hands ever having to leave the safety of the handle bars.”
– David Kumar, Principal Product Manager, Alexa Voice Services (AVS)

Launching at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the range includes a hybrid, the Cybic Legend and an electric bike, the Cybic E-Legend. The Legend is expected to retail around £1,000 with the electric version costing slightly more.

Cybic Amazon Alexa BikeIt will be a fully hands free Alexa experience, using a control mounted to the handlebars, cyclists can access an easy-to-use menu which controls all the functions. Cyclists can ask the always-ready device many requests including for traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, weather forecasts, as well as accessing functions such as sending messages, adding items to a shopping list and even ordering dinner with just their voice.

Product features and benefits of they Cybic Amazon Alexa Bike also includes access to cycling performance data including speed, time, distance covered along with GPS and mapping. You’ll get personalised light settings – the bike includes built-in front, rear and handlebar lighting which can be set from the menu. A security lock and an alarm which can be accessed via the bike’s app as well as theft tracking. To finish it off you’ll have an HD music player and the bike is WiFi enabled.

A Vodafone sim is included in the cost of the bike along with three years free 3G data… you’ll be needing this as most bike rides don’t take in routes flooded with WiFi coverage. Having said that, most bike rides in the countryside also have spotty 3G coverage as well so unless you’re exclusively pedalling the streets of cities it will be interesting to see just how well Alexa can cope in mobile dead spots.

“We’ve seen innovations in alternative commuting go from strength to strength and after electric bikes we predict that the next big trend for commuters will be smart bikes. The Cybic contains all the features you love about Alexa, but now in a bike and we are delighted to be the first to offer this to UK customers when it launches in the summer 2019.”
– Andy Whitehall, Halfords’ bike expert

One Response

  1. wow. it’s almost as productive as carrying a phone, and at only 3x the price with an invonvenient built-in bicycle.

    it’s just as well they opted for amazon alexa, rather than google home, which would be even more obviously stupid.

    noteworthy that there’s literally zero mention of how this performs as a mode of transport. it’s just a big gimmick on wheels, you’re not actually supposed to pedal it anywhere silly.


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