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What would you do if you woke up one morning to find your Amazon account suspended and your income stream cut off? That’s the concern that Thompson & Holt aim to address giving you income protection so that you can carry on paying your staff and bills as the become due while you appeal your Amazon suspension.

Craig Gedey Thompson and HoltThompson and Holt are specialists in appealing Amazon suspensions but they’ll also give you alerts and warnings with their Monitor and Protect service to help you avoid suspension in the first place. Their service is designed to help you keep your Amazon account in good standing but with income protection if something does go wrong. We spoke to Craig Gedey to find out more:

Who are Thompson and Holt?

Thompson and Holt are an Amazon consultancy firm specialising in helping Amazon sellers with account and ASIN suspensions. Our team have over 19 combined years experience of assisting Sellers across the globe. We help Sellers on all Amazon marketplaces. Our focus has previously been on helping Sellers when the have been suspended, now we are helping Sellers prevent suspension and protect their business as over the years we have seen the damage that an account suspension can cause, issues from lost revenue to businesses losing staff and, in some scenarios, losing the whole business. The annoying thing is that many of these suspensions can be prevented if the warning signs are not ignored.

What is your Monitor & Protect Service

The Monitor & Protect service is made up of two elements, the first are the instant alerts that monitor the health of your account 24/7, very similar to the Health Check in the Seller Central Dashboard only delivered to your inbox instantly. These alerts pick up on any issues that could cause a suspension and give you time to put things right before it leads to a suspension. A good example of this would be complaints about a certain product, the alerts would notify you about complaints and you should stop selling the product and fix the issue.

The second part of the service is the suspension cover which covers your lost revenue while your account is suspended. This cover pays out if your account is suspended for more than 5 days and up to a maximum of £50,000.

It is 100% compliant with Amazon ToS. Thompson and Holt are an Appointed Representative of JM Marketing Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The suspension cover is backed by Lloyds of London.

The Monitor & Protect service with suspension cover is available to Sellers across the globe.

When and how do you protect sellers?

The software monitors the Sellers Amazon account 24/7 and instantly alerts Sellers to any issues, the alerts are sent straight to their inbox. While Amazon does provide a lot of information to Sellers in the Seller Central dashboard, this software gives you real time updates so you can be proactive and fix any issues.

Case study

An Amazon seller was recently suspended due to inauthentic claims made by a number of buyers, the seller believes that these were competitors playing dirty tricks and trying to get their account suspended.

The account was suspended and the Seller contacted Thompson and Holt who prepared an appeal and plan of action with the information provided by the Seller. The appeal was submitted to Amazon, Amazon usually respond within a few days however as this was a busy time (approaching Q4) Amazon took 9 days to reinstate the account.

The insurance policy on the Monitor & Protect service paid the Seller 4 days of lost revenue.

As well as protection, how can you help my business grow?

The Monitor & Protect service protects Sellers products by instantly notifying them of any hijackers or anyone who edits the product description. This will ensure that Sellers can remove the hijackers immediately thus reducing the impact of any lost revenue.

The Monitor and Protect service allows Sellers to focus on growing your business rather than ‘firefighting’ with laborious admin tasks.

One of the best features is that you receive an alert when you lose a buy box, this means Sellers can fix the issue and win the buy box back again.

What size seller should be interested

The Monitor & Protect service is suited to Sellers of all sizes and experience, after all if an account is suspended the Seller doesn’t have a business. The service is perfect for companies who want to know that should the worst happen then they will have the support of Thompson and Holt to help reinstate their ASINs or account as well as the peace of mind that they will be covered for any suspension that isn’t their fault.

Get started with a free trial

Simply click on this link, it takes 2 minutes to set up the Monitor & Protect service. We will send you the details on how to set up the alerts and suspension cover.

If you are unsure about the service why not try one month free, no credit card details needed – please note that in the free month trial you will only receive the alerts, you will not be covered by the Amazon seller suspension cover.


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