OnBuy completes integration with ChannelAdvisor

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OnBuy have completed their integration with ChannelAdvisor to support their continued expansion. ChannelAdvisor works with some of the biggest brands and retailers in the world and so this could potentially land OnBuy an influx of hundreds of thousands of new listings.

OnBuy’s integration with ChannelAdvisor enables sellers to manage their global sales through dozens of online channels and seamlessly facilitates multi-channel relationships.

The marketplace’s integration with ChannelAdvisor comes swiftly after announcing its partnership with global online payment specialists, PayPal, in order to provide the service’s payment gateway. The move to PayPal ensures that both buyers and sellers benefit from a robust level of security and protection.

“ChannelAdvisor is one of the largest channel systems and we’re delighted to announce that we are now fully integrated with them.

A high volume of our sellers have been waiting for this announcement and now that integration is live, we are seeing an influx of sellers signing up. We anticipate this integration will bring millions more products to OnBuy.com, alongside great pricing and thousands of new sellers.

This new affiliation has taken 18 months of hard work; the OnBuy team have been in constant communication with ChannelAdvisor to ensure a seamless and fluid integration for sellers. We want our sellers to benefit from using OnBuy.com as a channel with minimal overhead time, set-up and configuration – once they are registered, the upload of their products can be as simple as pressing a button, and we have already taken care of category mapping for them. Sellers will be able to manage stock, price and orders, along with any issues with data, more easily than ever before.

ChannelAdvisor is the right technology partner to assist our expansion and support us on our growth journey. It’s the very hallmark of our immediate expansion and creates a solid foundation for our upcoming international growth.”
The online marketplace chose to integrate with ChannelAdvisor to support its planned expansion and will use the system to help optimise its growth, which includes expansion into Europe this year.”
– Cas Paton, entrepreneur and founder, OnBuy.com

10 Responses

  1. Perhaps this is one possible explanation as to why the quality of their (non-existent) support to existing sellers remains risible and emails just disappear into a ‘black hole’ within OnBuy and are never responded too.
    Clearly the support team have been otherwise engaged and are so busy that providing a contact telephone number is also too much to expect.
    This is unacceptable to us and OnBuy need to raise their game very soon otherwise……

  2. Ok, I’m willing to accept Onbuy is finally kicking up some dust, but we still can’t offer our 100,000 plus inventory there.

    Here’s why.

    Sadly Onbuy still has no proper categorisation in collectables, so we can’t sell there. Some positive noises in the past, but no actual action.

    Spoke with dealers at a big fair at the weekend. A lot of annoyance with Ebay and a willingness to look at alternatives. But those who had looked at Onbuy all said the same – it’s no good to them as it stands.

    Come on guys, how difficult can it be to bring in proper categorisation?

    Collectables are a big chunk of Ebay’s market (despite their attempts to trash it) and Amazon isn’t interested.

    So once again, if any Onbuy bigwigs are reading this, do yourself a big favour and introduce proper categories in collectables, e.g., you don’t even HAVE a category for postcards, never mind the hundreds of sub categories. This is essential for buyers who know their stuff and won’t accept having to trawl aimlessly through listings to find what they are looking for.

    Still waiting.

  3. We have been setting up[ on there well ahead of our main season ( may to sept). To be totally fair to them we have never had a an issue with them replying or trying to help, in fact if anything i would say the level of service has been light years ahead of ebay…. including actually answering our questions rather than justa ‘canned’ response that fails to address what we have asked.
    I’m kind of thinking that they has suddenly started to grow at a much faster rate than before, and everything takes time. It is a pain, and yes it can be counter productive sometimes…. but too much haste normally means alot of errors!
    Only time will tell….

  4. argh postcard buyers, worse than magazine browsers in W H Smith
    dont do it
    on buy
    times money!

  5. I see OnBuy are still allowing SwiftDeals to rip their customers off with extortionate pricing RRP + 66% or more.

    This has been mentioned on here before.


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