eBay India relaunch as eBay owned property

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The eBay India relaunch quietly took place on New Year’s Eve, once again enabling Indian customers to buy from the marketplace on their own country site. eBay are now preparing the site to competed the full eBay India relaunch adding the ability for domestic sellers to sell directly in the Indian market. Indian sellers can already export through eBay.

eBay originally launched in India by acquiring Baazee.com back around 2004 and whilst the site was similar to the rest of the eBay world, the platform the site ran on was totally different. eBay ended up selling its Indian business to market leader Flipkart in 2017, although it wasn’t a true sale – eBay retained the brand ownership but left Flipkart to run the business. When Flipkart was acquired by Walmart in 2018 eBay was having nothing to do with the deal and backed out of the arrangement. Following the close of the transaction, eBay ending their current strategic relationship with Flipkart, which included unwinding our commercial agreements with Flipkart and terminating Flipkart’s license to use the eBay.in brand.

Flipkart launched an alternative site for India 2GUD and for several months at the end of 2018 the eBay India site languished until it’s resurrection on New Year’s Eve with Indian customers waking up to a new eBay for 2019.

eBay haven’t given a time line for reintroducing domestic sales on eBay India, but they have informed sellers that due technical difficulties they will be unable to respond queries on 2nd, 3rd ,9th and 10th February 2019.

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  1. There are great potential available in E-commerce in India, Ebay should take immediate steps to Re-enter Indian Market, both buyers and sellers will be benefitted



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