How to get cheaper 2019 Parcelforce Prices

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Royal Mail have published their 2019 stamp prices and 2019 business post rates but what’s often missed is their Parcelforce prices. Royal Mail’s published 2019 Parcelforce Prices are exorbitant and there is a very simple way to get better rates and that is to use Royal Mail’s Senditnow website to pre-book. It’s the same service, the same courier, just that Royal Mail and the Post Office will never tell you there’s a better rate just for pre-booking online.

Most larger online sellers will already have a contract with a courier but if you’ve never used a courier before, or if you are a consumer with just one or two heavier parcels to despatch, then shop around and never pay the rates quoted at your local Post Office for Parcelforce. You can still drop your parcel at a Post Office or arrange a collection by Parcelforce but by booking through Senditnow you’ll get better rates.

If you prefer other couriers then there are many parcel brokers who will get you better rates than those published by the couriers themselves. Below we’ve listed the 2019 Parcelforce prices that you’ll pay at a Post Office compared to the rates you can access for one of deliveries booked through Senditnow. You will save even more money for heavier parcels as Senditnow have a flat rate for each service whereas the 2019 Parcelforce prices are tiered.

Parcelforce also offer Next day by Noon, Next day by 10am, Next day by 9am and Saturday Delivery Services as well as International shipments – most of which are lower cost through Senditnow. The only time you may wish to book direct is for lower weight large items which are cheaper until the parcel weight exceeds 10kg.

2019 Parcelforce Prices



Post office Counter Price

Senditnow collection

Senditnow drop off at Post Office

express24 2kg £16.68 £13.30 £12.19
5kg £17.70
10kg £21.12
15kg £27.96
20kg £33.36
25kg £44.58
30kg £48.78
express48 2kg £12.12 £12.19 £11.35
5kg £13.14
10kg £16.62
15kg £23.40
20kg £28.80
25kg £40.08
30kg £44.22
express48large 2kg £30.30 £38.26 Collection only
5kg £31.32
10kg £34.74
15kg £41.88
20kg £46.98
25kg £58.26
30kg £62.40

One Response

  1. If you have a contact with parcelforce the pricing is excellent it knocks spots off other couriers.
    We were with DPD and when we spoke to them and said we were leaving they suddenly offered a drop of a massive 28%. That was just after they had sent me a new price for the year.

    I said to him do you not realise how insulting that sounds.
    You have ripped me off for 8 years now suddenly offer me a price like that. He then said all the things they offer like tracking and text advice to customer etc. I said and Parcelforce offer all that.
    Bottom line is our customer looks at the cost nothing else they do not want a courier to deliver and stand and polish the item at the door they want it delivered safely and on time for a good price.
    We still left as the lowered price was still higher than parcelforce.

    We save £27.30 on a parcel to Italy. £11 on a parcel to Northern Ireland. Plus £6 to Scottish highlands etc.

    No brainer.
    Unfortunately if you cannot get a contract it may be high. But even when we were with DPD using parcel2go sometimes got a cheaper DPD rate than our account


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