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When most companies talk to you about carrier delivery management solutions, what they mean is that they want to sell you courier labels. That’s not so with SmartConsign who have built a system designed purely to manage your deliveries whether that be on you desktop tablet or even your smart phone giving you instant access everywhere.

Robin Seymour SmartConsignIt’s not just a despatch solution, although it enable you to print labels for multiple carriers from a single printer, it also gives you an full overview of your pending, in transit and delivered shipments.

We spoke to Robin Seymour from SmartConsign to find out more:

Who are SmartConsign?

SmartConsign (ISO certified – ISO 270001) is the first true cloud SaaS multi-carrier delivery management solution, meaning nothing to install, use the web browser on your pc or smart device, 3G or better.

Our mission is to simplify the shipment of parcels from A to B (and return) by providing clarity to the logistics management process. Our software is beneficial to any seller / trader large or small who wishes to provide the best shipping experience for their buyers and inhouse operations.

What do SmartConsign do?

We have a vision to simplify shipping operations and create collaboration within the logistics industry. We put all of your necessary information in one place – providing a simple concise overview of your deliveries.

Over our 8 years we have constantly updated and improved to increase productivity of your logistics departments. In simple terms using our one system to Manage – Create – Label – Notify – Track all your shipments across all your carriers.

We have a growing variety of shipping methods, marketplace integrations and carriers to choose from. Whether you use manual entry, file import, API, marketplace integrations and we mustn’t forget the rules engine, we will have a tool that decreases your logistics headaches.

Our clients can constantly analyse data and compare freight service levels between carriers to find the most reliable, efficient and affordable solution for their shipping needs.

What problems do SmartConsign solve?

From order through to delivery, a parcel has a long list of checkpoints before it reaches its final destination and we aim to make the journey as seamless as possible. We understand what it takes to exceed shopper delivery expectations in today’s environment. Having the ability to quickly find and monitor the performance of carriers is a crucial part of protecting our clients’ revenues.

With SmartConsign you can use 1 or 100 PCs and/or label printers, all labels are standardised to 4 x 6” so you no longer need a different pc and printer for each courier!

SmartConsign is fast – Consignment generation (last test 100 in 3 seconds). Label creation PDF (last test 100 in 3.4 seconds)

SmartConsign TrackingWe have detailed notification suite, enabling you to send buyers emails at key trigger points in the delivery chain and a support ticket solution both of which cut down on the phonecalls to and from buyers chasing delivery and centralising all support admin.

We have a powerful rules engine, removing human error. Configure your rules based on any number of variables – cost, regions, weights, size, time etc. This automates the carrier selection removing the burden from logistics staff which is vital for efficient shipment processing.

Access Rights – multiple security access rights for different staff within your organisation – so you can control for example who creates new shipments vs who can change shipment address vs cancel a shipment vs track a shipment.

Fall-over protection, imagine your carrier doesn’t turn up one evening, with a few clicks you can switch parcels to one of your other carriers, re-print the labels and problem solved (This came to the rescue when CityLInk closed a few years ago)

Managers utilise the dashboard which provides summary overview and with a simple click drill down into the detail such as shipments and support tickets. I find this most useful when i’m out of the office.

Which carriers does SmartConsign support?

Currently this is the supported carrier list –

With access to the top carriers in the country, our clients can easily discover the carrier that best fits their overall shipping requirements. We support over 25 of the largest carriers and logistics companies in the UK for national and international shipments via one single interface. And like many of the integrated carriers who use SmartConsign, we are focused on exceeding customer expectations and helping our users meet deadlines consistently.

We deliver complete flexibility and control. From large to small business enterprises, retailers to resellers, we offer a cloud SaaS solution that helps our clients provide a hassle-free, efficient shipping service to the end user. The carriers we work with are not charged a fee to be integrated into our system, so all the information available about their performance is unbiased and totally independent.

Which integrations do you support?

SmartConsign is integrated with Linnworks, eBay, Amazon and Veeqo, all part of our mission to help make the shipping process clearer and easier for businesses to grow. SmartConsign receive the data feed from your eCommerce platform, and from there can produce shipping labels, dynamically allocate a carrier and provide centralised tracking (all carriers in one place)

Who pays for the carriers?

Firstly and in my opinion very importantly SmartConsign is a carrier agnostic system, we do not have any carrier accounts, we not have any favourites! SmartConsign is a tool to use with your own carrier accounts.

The shipper pays the carrier directly, this a management solution, so there are no angles – our costs are transparent – The cost is £250 plus a per label cost (label cost is based on volumes shipped – the more volume the lower the cost).

Why should I use SmartConsign?

Our customers love us for many reasons – to name 6:
SmartConsign Open Shipments

  • I personally love the summary dashboard – A quick glance tells me how my next few hours are going to go!
  • Our extremely rapid system speed and label generation
  • Standardised labels are printed at 4*6”
  • Our software can be used interchangeably on a smartphone tablet mobile or PC (3G or Wi-Fi).
  • web-based solution (nothing to install)
  • Our support tickets

We are constantly innovating our solution to help meet our clients needs, our sector is mobile by nature so it makes sense that the solutions that help facilitate the process fits with our clients working style. With this in mind we’ve been busy over the past year building the SmartConsign Mobile App offering all the features our clients love from desktop right from their smartphone. Its launching soon.

What should I do next?

Schedule a demo to see for yourself how SmartConsign works and what it could do for your business, big or small. Visit


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