How to prevent and resolve customer service disputes on Etsy

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When a buyer isn’t happy on Etsy, they’re eligible to open a case with a 100-day window. The window may vary, depending on the situation and location of the seller and shopper.

Consumers can open two types of cases. First, a non-delivery case which is when a consumer doesn’t get an order within the listed processing and shipping time. Second, a non-descriptive case, which is when a buyer considers an item to be different from sellers’ listings photos.

Once the case is filed, both merchant and shopper have two weeks to resolve the situation. Etsy say that they see cases generally get fixed within 48 hours. A majority of cases usually get settled without any assistance from Etsy.

If neither party can find a solution the case will be escalated to the marketplace’s case mediation team. The case mediation specialist will join the conversation to help resolve the issue.

Etsy say it is usually simple things that can be done to avoid customer service disputes.

Merchants need to put themselves into their customers’ shoes, say Etsy, and understand what’s required from a good shopping experience. Sometimes it’s a simple miscommunication or a third party issue that can turn a good experience into a bad one.

Etsy recommends sellers to “set accurate processing times, communicate clearly and regularly, and have a reliable shipping method.”

Merchants can avoid disappointed customers by planning. This involves setting up a good amount of order processing time and having an understanding of how many orders they can realistically fulfil at one time so that they’re not overextending themselves.

When struggling to fulfil orders within a processing time, sellers should set a longer processing time to deliver earlier than later. Buyers rely on that information to buy and receive purchases, so it’s important to give them realistic expectations.

If sellers are behind, say Etsy, they should communicate the updates before shoppers’ contact them. Most of the time consumers are going to be fine waiting as it shows that the seller is on top of things. However, leaving them in the dark can signal a negligent attitude towards shoppers.

While it’s nerve-wracking to have an open case, the initial of concern comes from confusion on what to expect and how to respond.

Etsy say that the key is in communication. It’s vital to keep talking to a shopper throughout the case log. Often good communication can result in a case being resolved or closed before the Etsy case mediation specialist needs to get involved. In the end, communication is a huge component of providing good customer service and encouraging buyers to become brand ambassadors for sellers’ shops.

Most of the time an open case is not going to affect a seller’s shop operations as long as the merchant is prompt in responding and working to resolve the issue. However, sellers need to keep on an eye on the service they provide. Many times a problematic situation can be turned around with excellent service resulting in buyers spreading a good word to their friends and family.

Merchants can get help on settling disputes via [email protected].

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  1. I’ll be doing two of those this week, two British, one I suspect is a drop shipper from china, already been 2 weeks. And the other no reply to emails sent from me to them asking where is my item


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