Are Amazon vendors pushed to become marketplace sellers?

Some Amazon vendors are claiming that they’re being pushed by Amazon to become marketplace sellers on Amazon Seller Centre.

According to the research body on Amazon professionals across industries, TJI Research said to receive complaints from Amazon vendors. Some of the complainants said to receive the following message from Amazon:

I would like to inform you that our internal team have reviewed your business with Amazon and strongly believes that Amazon customers would be better served if your products were made available through Seller Central. As we are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience we recommend you to setup Seller account to continue your business with Amazon.”

The TJI Research said that based on what they’re hearing, it appears that larger vendors, those doing several million in annual sales on Amazon are not affected by these changes thus far. But small vendors are being persuaded by Amazon to become a seller on the marketplace.

This is a big deal because the vendor platform is invitation-only in the first place. Vendors were a slightly protected side of the business.”
– Blair Anderson, managing director, Anderson & Associates

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the squeeze is on - but what should Amazon do if they've tried a selling product and found there simply isn't the volume to suit their cost/volume/ contribution requirements. it tells us we must maintain an independent site ourselves - on which they, at least, can't screw us.

ed martin • 6th March 2019 •

Opposite for us. They keep asking us to become vendors. The email from them is similar but saying their customers may be better served if we became Vendors.

A Winter • 6th March 2019 •