UPS eFulfilment solution for marketplace sellers

UPS have introduced a multichannel fulfilment solution called UPS eFulfilment for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who sell on marketplaces and platforms. This includes eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Amazon Prime and Walmart as well as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Volusion, Sears and Rakuten.

The UPS eFulfilment offers merchants worldwide last mile services to consumers in the US and Canada. The service handles storage, order processing, packing and shipping. It supports purchases and orders from 21 different marketplaces and web stores.

UPS eFulfilment Supported Marketplaces

3D cart
Amazon Intl Sites
eBay Intl Sites
Yahoo Shopping

The multichannel fulfilment solution offers sellers bundled pricing to give them a clear picture of fulfilment costs. Tracking and billing are integrated, helping reduce the time and effort it takes a business owner to keep up with the status and cost of shipments. Inventory stored in other locations, such as an existing warehouse, can be added to the platform to ensure dynamic updates as sales occur allowing for fulfilment efficiencies. Sellers also can select when the package needs to be delivered and at the same time update listings on multiple sites.

Each month sellers are billed for fulfilment, shipping of orders and inventory storage or $1,000, whichever is higher. UPS say that approximately 4-5 orders per day will place a merchant’s bill above the minimum.

How to sign up for multichannel fulfilment solution?

UPS say that signing up is as easy as enrolling via a quick onboarding process and listing products. UPS, which is currently offering a risk-free 60-day trial, handles storing the merchandise, packaging products once a sale is made and shipping from warehouses strategically located in Shepherdsville, KY and Bloomington, CA. Here is a three-step process for signing up:

  1. Sign up here to start your 60-day trial
  2. Connect to your marketplaces and carts
  3. Send UPS your inventory using special inbound rates

UPS understands that small- and medium-sized businesses want the same high-quality services as large e-commerce companies without the same amount of complexity. We are laser-focused on giving merchants the tools for success by offering this easy-to-use technology platform, full-service fulfilment capabilities and simplified pricing and billing that many smaller business couldn’t afford to offer or build. UPS eFulfillment shows how UPS is uniquely positioned and deeply committed to providing online merchants with powerful solutions that help meet customers’ needs,” Warren said. Combined with other recent announcements, such as Ware2Go, UPS aims to be the provider of choice when it comes to e-commerce solutions.”
– Kevin Warren, chief marketing officer, UPS

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