Whitepaper: Managing Complexity for Growth Companies

The world of ecommerce has opened up opportunities for online merchants to start small and grow quickly. As a
result, successful businesses can be born with processes which, at this early stage, are often simple and with little consideration of what the future might bring. As the business grows, these basic systems may no longer be suitable and sellers can end up feeling overwhelmed as they struggle with managing complexity – especially if growth comes at a faster rate than expected.

We explore how to manage the three main stages of growth in our Managing Complexity for Growth Companies whitepaper written in conjunction with Orderwise. We examine the pain points in three main areas of growth to try and understand the problems that growing retailers face and how to make the most of the opportunities within each phase.

You’ll discover:

  • Why online merchants need to be aware of the complexities of growth

    • Identifying when things are going wrong
    • How to manage growth
    • Warning signs that existing systems and processes can no longer cope
  • How to scale a business for greater revenue

    • The need for greater accuracy, efficiency and productivity
    • Keeping customers happy
  • How to handle a more complicated structure

    • The need for a holistic view despite a more complicated structure
    • Keeping an eye on the numbers
  • How to manage additional responsibilities

    • Enabling new routes to market
    • Doing more to appeal to existing customer
  • Four fast growth retailer case studies

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